More Millionaires Are Created In A Recession

That will be mine one day! Pocket
That will be mine one day! Pocket

That’s right!

Bill Gates started Microsoft during a Depression.  Do not let what you hear, slow down your ambitions for more money, status or security.  What have you been putting off?  Now is the time to strike.  You may not be able to get that 5 or 6 figure business loan, but you can start in small steps by marketing and publicizing your efforts, which are essentially free.   Everyday there is an article or tv segment about an everyday person starting their own during a time of strife for many.  At this time, people need hope, encouragement, and a fresh start.

Your story or even the story of your beginning processes of starting a business now can be an inspiration.  A few years ago, I read about the mindset of the everyday, civilian person who lives life as it comes. It said that if the nightly news announced that it will display the winning jackpot-lotto tickets (for a chance to  win) on their website, that something strange would happen.

No matter how much boasting and posturing they do, that 98% of people will forget to log on, be suspicious, review them but never use, postpone it because they think they won’t win since everybody is doing the same thing, and if they use it, may never take it in, and finally if they take it in, may arrive later than others and miss out.  Don’t be like that!  Be the 2% that will.  Be that first person on the line.  Do you believe you could?  It’s more than sheer luck.  No wonder why there are less millionaires out there, it is truly a way of thinking.

Below are some businesses started during a recesssion.  I wonder where these companies are now? 😉

Burger King Corp.
IHOP Corp.
The Jim Henson Company (Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog and Elmo)
FedEx Corp.
Microsoft Corp.
MTV Networks
Trader Joe’s
Wikipedia Foundation Inc.
Sports Illustrated magazine
GE (General Electric Co.)
HP (Hewlett-Packard Development Company LP)

Not only are millionaires created during a recession, but Alphanistas, too.

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  1. hiphopmuse says:

    This post is timely for me. I’m ready to start my own business but I’ve been feeling stuck due to lack of capital and having a hard time obtaining clients. This inspires me to take more risks in putting myself out there and moving forward in my plan. Thanks Maryann!

  2. Maryann says:

    @Deja, on the list you can see varied industries from tech to food to media, etc. To me it sounds like the best things pop that add convenience to a stressed market and innovative of course.

  3. Deja says:

    Love this post. I HAD NO IDEA. Sadly, the lotto thing is true. I used to be one of those people who would doubt it and think well if I go to the site it will be too late.

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