Married Men Make The Best Boyfriends?

Out in the open single women are supposed to be appalled at the thought of even sharing the same breathing space as a married man.  But truth is, [lets say it together chirren] it happens.

Now, it’s not usually a case of targeting married men, but it’s more just finding one’s self in a “situation”.  This does not apply to all single women, just those who really don’t give a damn.   If there are two twins, but one is married, the married one will get the most women by thought as they “wish he were single” or by action as they move in on him.  It’s something in the air that draws women to them.  I interviewed many women over the last few years for my books and articles, all single [who didn’t necessarily sleep with married men-yet], who told me they liked married men for very simple reasons and it had all to do with the commitment factor, and ahem, the sex factor.  And the very last thing—people usually want people other people want.  Human nature.  More reasons below.

1.    “Married men know how to commit to a woman, obviously, at least through legal contract”

2.    “Married men are great in bed, they make love to a woman, slowly caressing you like fine crystal, plucking the strings to your body like a double bass, almost like they’ve been saving it for you”

3.   “Married men have the “daddy” syndrome, they want to make sure you are okay, and don’t bump your dome against the headboard”

4.    “Married men tell it like it is—he can only call you very early in the mornings or very late at night—there are no surprises, he is there, and he is not there”

5.    “Married men are more attractive than single men because it’s already proven that he is desirable, sane, and has a heart, the only three criteria most women need”

6.   ” Though he is “cheating” his capacity to marry is what is attractive to lots of women, if he can marry someone, it shows he has certain discerning abilities you can trust, and makes him less likely to do anything “too risky””

7.    “Married men are usually having sex with you, and the wife, the [misconception] thought is you don’t have to worry about him sleeping around like the single guy”

8.    “Married men have a certain scent, he smells like his woman, the mixing of bodily fluids of his and his wife give him a distinctive scent [look it up] it’s that primal scent that signals and attracts other women, it’s usually the ones who “mix well” with their wife who have the most female admirers”

9.    “Married men love your kids”

10.    “Married men are just easier to control because at the end of the day, he’ll do anything to keep his wife from finding out about YOU”


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