Make 2010 A Year Of Decisions


There are years that you just do stuff–move, change jobs, travel, meet new people, and just go about daily living–and there are years when nothing happens.

But then there are years when things take off.  When you make decisions that totally alter your life, and those around you.  Decisions that catapult you to the next level where the good or bad will meet you.  You may think you make decisions all the time, but they are just thoughts.  Decisions set things in motion and require action.  You can think your way through life and end up in a cycle.  Thoughts are good, but they are also repititive if they don’t lead to a decision.  So, what do you have to decide in 2010?

1) Is it time to get married?

2)  Are you finally ready to lose those 20 pounds by any means necessary?

3) Will you start that part time business?

Here are some tools to help you make decisions:

1) Life Coaches

2) Workshops/Courses (9 Tuesdays, Alphanista Inner Circle, etc)

3)  Conscience

Your conscience?  Yes, because in each one of us there is a voice that is bitching to be heard.  Stop suppressing, and start deciding!

The Alphanista Inner Circle membership starts in January-June!  Get more info here!


  1. lapreghiera says:

    In 2010, I am going to get the job I want in a city I will enjoy
    finish my MA and prob do the sequential MBA
    start working on becoming debt free
    Lose weight
    and just enjoy being me and the grace God has given me

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