Good Life: Champagne & Caviar


…for your skin.

I recently got these products in the mail for review and I was like, WTF?  Champagne and fish eggs for my skin? Nahh.

It’s upscale, it’s rich, and maybe too expensive.  The truffles face cream is a little tube worth $92.  But I always believed a woman should splurge on 3 things–jeans, skincare, and good, sturdy Loubs.  I don’t pay much more for anything else.  But I would throw down $300 on a pair of perfectly fitted jeans in a minute (waaay back when, in case certain people are reading this 🙂

The skin care products I’m referring to is called Om Aroma and it’s all about using organic (very green!) ingredients.  I’m very discriminate about what I put on my skin, moreso than what I put in my stomach at times!  However, I was not disappointed.  I tried the Luxe Face collection that includes real champagne, caviar and truffles.  Within days my skin looked brighter.  The Truffle Face Cream ($95) is very moisturizing and gives your skin a nice, bright glow with a rosy hint, kinda like if you just came out of the sun.  Always felt I look better sunkissed.

The Champagne Cleanser ($48), more affordable, is another winner that has these little crushed Champagne Grapeseeds and powdered pearls to exfoliate the skin.  Left my skin smooth, and not in a harsh way.   Marvelous!  Exfoliated skin is bright skin.

Being an alpha female is a lifestyle, not just a way of navigating the world.  It’s about treating yourself better than anybody else, even down to the minute details like what you put on your skin.  I think I’d add this to the Alphanista’s Good Life list.  Send me any suggestions for products, places to eat, travel, etc).

Om Aroma products are definitely worth it, if you like to use your champagne and caviar for cleaning and not just for dinner.

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  1. Heather S. says:

    Will definitely check it out, been using Philosophy products for years, but why am I hungry after reading this? lol

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