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“Lola”: Writer In Chief, Mistress Of Life

effervescent, mysterious, you


Age  34

Sex  F

Income  150,000/yr plus

Occupation  whatever works….i don’t have a job, i have a brain and i use it

Education  plenty, enough to school ya

Kids  none

Home  paid for

Car  White Range Rover, Audi

Relationship Status  Partnered, and no complicated shish, I’m either in one or not

Diet  I eat whatever, crisp, steamed, grilled, Fridays to Four Seasons

Body Type  Slender, tall, workin on optimal physique right now, dont distract

Pet Peeves  People who say they don’t like to argue, that is a manipulation tactic ya’ll!

Likes  money, men, and God, and little experimentation here and there if the set up and party favors are right

Vacation Spots  Bimini, Marbella, Miami

Interests:  Really?

Favorite things:  Eating, reality shows, gossip, money, and God

Bikini or One piece  Bikini, whoever said the one piece covers you up, lied, the bikini is the ultimate illusion


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