LISTEN: Is It Okay To Be Submissive To My Man? (Click on the radio interview on the right hand side)

This morning I had a wonderful interview on BLOGTALKRADIO with popular tv/radio psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere, who is a frequent guest on the Today Show, and bestselling author of several books including The Love Prescription: Ending The War Between Black Men & Women. Click the BlogTalkRadio widget to your right.

Dr. Jeff said that women CAN “quietly call the shots” in a relationship and he tells us how. He also tells us about a firm, wiggly body part of mine that he admires 😉 Listen to our fun, but informative interview and post any thoughts. It’s only 15 minutes.


  1. MsKris says:

    Just listened to this and it’s crazy because I was just thinking about this today and how I will never be able to be with a man who has the “its a man’s world” ideology and those who think women are not equal to men. I find this troubling too because a lot of black men that I’ve come into contact with share those sentiments and for this reason I’m leaning outside of my race to date. The whole “I can do it and it’s ok but you can’t” double standard is oppressive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Submissive dont mean slave. The people that have the most power in this world are known the least.

    Loving a bottom b

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great post and a real post. In any real relationship women will run things, however, she must still treat her man like a king and as if he is running the ship on a day to day basis although in reality he is not.

    Loving a bottom b

  4. Anonymous says:

    it was good to hear the current 2008 spin on here i was thinking i had it all figured out, i have a new respect for women like that–in a way.

  5. Rachel White, NJ says:

    Like the idea about being playing the submissive “game” I am doing that right now and very very happy.

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