Open Letter to LisaRaye

This is my latest letter to Lisa Raye.

It’s in response to the HAM of a video she had out yesterday complaining that her divorce money will not give her the lifestyle she was accustomed to before she married. I think she’s confused, she lived more of a hustle than a “lifestyle”.


Dear Lisa:

You got a problem.

A problem many women have, especially Black women, and that is not knowing when to let go. We understand that you are over 40, a single mother, an actress that had to hustle from one role to the other, only to find that one of her most consistent TV roles was cut off. Back to the drawing board. Then comes Mr. Prime Minister, handsome, rich, seduces you, you seduce him. You marry. You smile. Then all hell breaks loose. It happens.

In the best of situations, your husband is like you, lost, broken, where the two of you can see each other faults and apply healing balm to each other wounds (literally, with your bite marks). In your case, it’s not that way. You both are from different planets. You and him were never meant to be. It is possible that you, or he, had forced this marriage to make it look “right” or look “good”. He had something you needed, and you had something he needed. Was there love? Maybe not. What do you think?

As I conclude, remember that what you fight to get in life you fight to keep. Aren’t you tired of fighting? Not him, but your fear to be alone, another single black woman with kids. You handled this all wrong listening to your American girlfriends advise you.  A Caribbean woman would’ve told you how to keep the money and the marriage, not the man necessarily.  Listen, lots of Carib women stay married for the benefits while they lead separate and happy lives from their spouses.   As long as the resources are there, all is good.   Americans make this whole ish too complicated.

If I were you, I’d drag my feet on the divorce.   There’s no money in it for you.   Just keep chillin on the beach and let him stress over the details.  What’s the rush in going back to the Hollywood hustle?  What you should’ve done is get your marriage right or be done with it in privacy.  You should’ve skipped all the media interviews.   You should’ve stayed in Turks & Caicos. Built an orphanage, made those T&K women like you. Yes. Set up a school, catch the eye of a richer and better man and moved on.  You were supposed to use this whole T & K thing to change your image and give you leverage.

But you listened to your “girls”, I’m sure.  And  isolated yourself and like many American women, lost yourself–again.

See you at the club.

With love,


  1. Tearose says:

    Hey Lisa when you are black woman over 40 and a mom, you got to be more smart……..Yeah you should have opened schools and blend in with the women…….women tend to stick together when the man is in the wrong. Now you have nothing, no money, no man. You should have been stashing $$$ like crazy and playing dumb……..

  2. Im a little tipsy right now, so I hope this translates into something understandable…

    Im going to play devils advocate for a second and say that it’s possible that her ex-husband didn’t live up to his end of their “agreement”.

    Again, we go back to the whole “arrangement” situation where Lisa and this man probably made some sort of “legal agreement” that wasn’t upheld on his end.

    But for some reason when black women start bitching about husbands not living up to their end of the bargain, the women get fed to the sharks.

    It’s possible that she didn’t even marry him for love, but married him as a financial agreement, which both parties abviously agreed to.

    And If she left her semi-posh lifestyle, to come live in the Caribbean with him, and he didn’t fulfil his agreement, then she has a right to be pissed!

    Yeah, I know, I have a total Hooker mentality, so so does many other Alpha females…

  3. Sherryberry says:

    @cypher- That is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Ivana Trump is a great example of the “don’t get mad- get half” rule. It just seems like LisaRaye was in over her head.

  4. Nukirk says:

    Alright, you know a thing or two about a Carib. She’ll really drag out the divorce. Well, at least some of them. I wasn’t really paying Lise Raye any mind, tho. It would looked so sexy if I hear “divorced”. But if she chooses to play the victim, than she ain’t looking too good.

  5. Kim says:

    Totally agree with you Maryann. I mean really, what the hell has she been doing for the past three years anyways? Just ridiculous not to take advantage of a situation and then complain when you haven’t done a damn thing to secure your future or enhance your possibilities. She looks pitiful!

  6. cypher says:

    LisaRaye had to act like Diamond in this situation. Instead, she should’ve acted like Ivana Trump and took half his scratch…Donald said that she was the most formidable opponent he’s ever had.

    She could’ve learned a lesson from Juanita Jordan-work your foundation, raise the children and keep amassing evidence of your husband’s infidelities and saving your money=$160M, the largest divorce settlement in the history of SPORTS!

    Be strategic ladies…

  7. Loving a bottom B says:

    Carib/West Indian culture is different from American culture. There is a difference in the men and women in both groups.

  8. Sherryberry says:

    This whole thing is exhausting. I thought LisaRaye was cool but now her whole aura is so wack! What is with black female celebrities, LisaRaye, Lil Kim, Vivica Foxx, they are a hot mess!

    Maryann, once again you are on point with your analysis of the situation. She’s acting like a true beta, she’s BEGGING him for more money basically. She could have HAD the money if she had a strategy, but she didn’t. I think the title of Ms.Prime Minister get to her head. I think LisaRaye is gone- I feel bad for her; she is an extremely beautiful woman but she isn’t the best actress in the world ( but then again that never stopped women like J-LO but unlike LisaRaye, she stays on her grind). I’m all for wanting to be pampered and taken care of but LisaRaye could have taken that cash and start a business or something or build a school,like you said? Hmmm, everybody has to have a side hustle these days.

    Also, I know she is friends with Vivica A.Foxx, I wonder if she saw this shit coming with her new psychic friends, lol.

  9. Mona says:

    This is funny! She needs a reality check too much Lil kim and not enough common sense. She probably went there thinking she was better than those TK women. Caribbean men are VERY VERY VERY different from American black men.

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