Let’s Talk About (Pep) What?

showBy Guest Blogger Jules Sinclair

I gave myself a few episodes of VH1 Let’s Talk About Pep, but all I learned was why so many women are by themselves.

It’s pretty pathetic.  So, they’re gonna get dating help from a single dating coach at Essence?  That’s like the blind leading the deaf, leading the blind would be too easy.    This show should be a warning to younger gals on what to do to to AVOID getting to where these ladies are.  I am all for looking for love at any age, but you can very well see the “issues” that landed these ladies single in the first place.  Shall I run it down?  Well, not here.  But I will say that they are not role models of what it is to be single and black.  How can you have a “Christian” like Jacque Reid considering having an out of wedlock child with a friend?  Then there’s Pep, who is more like 20, instead of 40.  Who wants to be that age going on first dates with men with S-curls?

I do wish these single ladies the best, and I will be watching.  But being on a reality show and advertising the “crazy” is not a prescription for a husband, just more of the same (with a nicer car).

Jules Sinclair is a painter, newly single and living in NYC.   She’s 26.


  1. Dane says:

    I think it’s a fun watch but I would never EVER EVA EVAAA want to be in their shoes. To be the oldest girl at the bar? Oh heelllll no.

  2. paloma says:

    Is it just me? But I think the show is very educational and accurate. There are women who are older out there like that right now and it can happen to anyone. The chose the right age group too and these sisters look good and take care of themselves. I am not ashamed.

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