Let’s Make A Difference For An Alpha Cause!

merry-christmasI  have 30 days….

Here’s a chance to make a collective difference this holiday season with busy folks, who have good intentions to give, but don’t have the time:

The Young Women’s Leadership Foundation is a charity that started in 1998 and has been opening girls’ public schools that offer single-gender college prep education to inner city students.

Download my ebook How To Do Almost Anything Like An Alphanista, a handy-little 30 pager for getting ahead like an alpha female, for just $10, and I’ll do something special.  I’ll donate 10 percent to the Young Women’s Leadership Foundation!

Their first school, which made history and headlines, is the highly renowned and successful Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem (TYWLS) in New York City. All of their schools are available to low income students who have a desire to achieve. As an author, and educator with my own efforts to strengthen families and communities through marriage, I believe in what TYWLS stands for.

When 100 people buy the ebook, I can donate $100.  When 500 people buy, then I can send $500.  My goal is to donate $1000.  According to the Young Women’s Leadership Foundation website $1,000 can help pay for 2 disadvantaged students to attend the TYWLS adventure travel camp in the summer.

That means I need to sell 1000 ebooks, and I’m almost there with your help!.  Will you please help in this cause?  Let’s see what we can do together.  Please contribute today and forward to a friend!  Click here.

Thank you for all of your support in the past, present and future!


  1. ChiLawGirl says:

    I just blasted my email list with this no body has time to do anything you are so right! This is perfect, 1000 dollars should not be that hard and it comes from all. Kudos.

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