Let’s Get Technical With…Scarves


By Guest Blogger, Goldie

I want you ladies to be eloquent with your accessories.

Today we’re going to tackle scarves. Every woman has at least one in her closet. I’ve attached a video to this post for a visual learner. From working in a Department store, I have been schooled on the weaving of a scarf to make it work for your outfit. I personally love a colorful scarf but not everyone enjoys patterns or bursts of color.

The first thing I like to introduce to you is simply draping a scarf around your neck. Just be the hanger. It looks nice with a simple outfit like a t-shirt/jean ensemble or blazer/suit look. It’s both casual and business acceptable to display your scarf as a conversation piece. If your scarf is a square, you can fold it in half to have narrow length you can fold it into a triangle and knot the corners.

Another way I like to wear my scarf is to (assuming we are working with a rectangular scarf) hold the middle of the scarf and fold the scarf in half so when I wrap the scarf around my neck, it has a loop I can fit the loose end through. Instantly I’m showcasing my scarf, adding texture to my neckline. If you can understand the second way follow me.

We’re starting with the same doubled scarf that has one loop on one side of your shoulders, and the loose ends on the other side. Take one loose end and fit it through the loop. Now you have one loose end in, and one dangling for his life. Take that lonely loose end and slip it through the loop the opposite way of his first partner. Once you fit the ends in, your scarf will look like a gorgeous tapestry piece. Cheaper than buying a new necklace and so much softer!

I would tell you more but everything is in the lovely video that I offered. There’s pictures and tons of videos so crack out the scarf and go for it.  See below!



Guest blogger Goldie Goldie is a Public Relations student interested in Fashion Publicity and Reporting. Find out more at www.goldlabeler.com.


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