“Let Go” Update! 9 Tuesdays Ebook

Girl, I got him in 9 Tuesdays....
Girl, I got him in 9 Tuesdays....

I’d like to say this update came as a surprise, but it didn’t.  It works if you work it.   This is a great testament of what happens when you “let go” of the wheel.  You can purchase the ebook at the link above or here.  (Teleclasses are sold out for now)


I recently ended a 3 year relationship because it wasn’t going anywhere and I was confident enough to know what I really wanted was out there..that’s how I came across your website and book.

I purchased 9 Tuesdays and am on Week 3 of the treatments. I wanted to share how amazing and challenging the process has been for me.

Week one, I found myself releasing all kinds of emotions-tears were flowing. Now I’m getting comments about how my energy is different and how there’s something different about me.

As wonderful as all that is…today is what made me say…there is something really deep going on here. A man (let’s call him John) I have known, loved, fought, debated, shared secrets with for 10+ years has resurfaced in my life after 7 years. 7 years ago, I ended our relationship due to how he chose and how I allowed him to treat me. We were younger then.

Since then, I finished my degree and am on my way to a successful career. I have done at lot of growing up and getting things in order emotionally.

In my spirit, I have known John would resurface in my life; I knew from the first moment I saw him, he would be in my life forever.

To have John resurface after all this time has me curious, excited, scared. I’m basically having a “What the bleep!” moment. I understand that I am to complete the treatments before I make any decisions but the temptation is strong.

To add even more complexity to the situation, there’s a brother at work who I have had a flirtatious friendship with for sometime…on paper he’s the Holy Grail. Single, successful and FINE. Since the treatments, our energy has been different too. Less playful and bit more serious about the potential of us.
Make Sense?

So after 3 weeks of the treatments, there’s someone new and someone from the past who have entered my life. Excited to see what the next 6 weeks bring!

Thanks for sharing 9 Tuesdays and taking time out of your day to read my update.  (comments are disabled for this post)