Weekend Rewind: Leave Your Man Alone This Sunday

Especially, if he’s an alpha…

This Sunday is Superbowl.  The alpha female is doing one thing:  she’s out.

Time after time I keep reading how women are spending Superbowl Sundays with their man and his friends, and manning the background like Mamie.  Can’t these men be left alone for one day?  For instance, a very alpha thing to do would be to throw your own Superbowl party for the wives, girlfriends, or singles only.  You can do this in the basement of the same house or at another person’s house, like a beta, so she’d do all the cleaning up afterwards.

Basically, the thing is to let the men have their day.  Always seek opportunities to foster space between the two of you.   It’s a fact that the more time people spend apart the more time they spend together in thought bonding the relationship on a deeper level.  This is even more important if you live together.  Sure, work is one way of spending time apart but everyone needs time to foster their own interests, so they can come back and share.   Beta men hate this because it brings up feelings of inadequacy on their part and many wouldn’t know what to do out of their routine.   Alpha men crave cave time.   Out of sight, is not out of mind with a man you talk to several times a day.

But of course, there are women who insist they are football fans, too and must be with their man on that day or the sky will fall.  The excuse to stay is “Oh, I’ll cook for ya’ll.”  But you can still cook, set it out all out, and bounce.  A man may not tell you, but he’d rather just sit around with his friends, cuss, drink, fart and eat without you walking around or sitting around giving them the side eye.   They want to talk about the stacked cheerleaders or chick in the commercial or call a player a “bitch” every now and then without worrying about you.

For those of you who make this a tradition with your man, so be it.  If you have no man, and are invited to a party then by all means go.  You can also stay in and just make it a regular Sunday if you can’t be bothered or let him go alone.  This can also be your day to really flutter about doing things that make you feel good without anyone checking in for at least 6 hours.   This is for those ladies who feel they MUST keep a tight leash on their man on any day of the year.   Get out the house that day.  Find your own bar, pub, with friends and do your thing. Come home and take care of your man, then.  Hopefully, his team has won and he’ll be in a “up” mood.


  1. EbonyLolita says:

    I’ll be going OUT for SuperBowl Sunday….. on the prowl to get my Winter Dating Skills sharpened. I’ll put MYSELF out there as a feast & see who’s worthy to
    partake 🙂

  2. Cipher says:

    I only care about Superbowl when my teams are playing (they aren’t this year, so I don’t care) and I’ve been lucky enough to find the guys who don’t really care about sports that much anyway. When I do get into it, I’m just as rowdy as them. This only applies to “girly girls.”

  3. This is the bible right here, and Maryann is GOD! As I’ve said before, my folks have been together for 40 years, and Im a witness to how great giving your man his space really is.

    My mom usually has her own Superbowl parties, while my dad is spending time at his, and trust me, they spend ALL night texting each other bets and slick remarks about who’s team is the best. My folks are so damn cute…I just love em!

  4. Nukirk says:

    I love this Public Service Announcement.

    One day ain’t gonna kill ya. Besides, ain’t we got a day to get together… like… I know it starts with a V… I can’t recall at the moment.

    Anyway, when you can’t let a guy be a guy, then are you really secure? I’ll worry about that type of person.

  5. James says:

    This one here is tricky…my ex used to come with me to friend’s houses and be bored, then she learned the game, and started to like it….but then it was about leaving when she was ready and if she didnt come I’ll get like 5-6 text messages an hour asking for “updates”. Right now, I rather just take the day for self, and if its with a lady she has to know how to roll, fall back and enjoy.

  6. Nadine says:

    Oh heelll nahhh, those fools leave my house in too much a mess plus I gotta make sure those slick “female” friends who come thru aint scheming on mine…

  7. Mimi Valdes says:

    I just started doing this. Last year I was home usually with him and his friends and they all came alone, i was the only one there. I had to leave to do something for my mother and I came back and it was a whole DIFFERENT kind of party, it was louder, more fun, as soon as they saw me they quieted down. I felt bad. I got plans this Sunday to be at the spa, then hanging out at my girl friend’s house to catch up. I am okay with that and love to see my man having fun on his own terms.

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