Ladies’ Night? or Ladies’ Night!

ladies_night_posterBy Guestblogger Amyrae

They are there for us when we’re down, when we want to celebrate, or when we just need to vent…our sisters always have our backs.

Girlfriends share a special bond, which can do wonders for the soul.  In my mind ladies night is something special, something to be cherished, and should happen often.  What better way is there to share the love, the admiration, and the strength that links us to our sisters?  The problem I sometimes see when a woman enters into a relationship, her friends are forsaken as she sacrifices her time with her sisters for a night with her man.  Sure once in awhile it’s bound to happen, but if it’s become routine and your girls are reaching out less and less often, it’s probably time to check yourself.

Depriving yourself of that time reconnecting with your sisters will eventually leave you feeling empty…and all the time you spend with your man will not fill that void.  If you only call them up when your man is out of town, or when you are in a fight, then they are going to feel neglected. That’s not what ladies night should be about.  You can’t do this to your girls and expect them to always be there….if they are genuine friends they probably will be, but it will eventually become draining and exhausting for them to be around you if you are constantly taking from them without giving yourself.  It’s important to make sure that you are giving back to your ladies as much, if not more than you ask of them.  That’s just what a friend does.

Here are a few tips for keeping it real with your sisters…even when you are in a relationship.

-Host a dinner party:  Invite all of your close girlfriends over for an intimate dinner party and feed the soul with some good ole home cooking

-Ladies weekend getaway:  Someplace warm and exotic is always great, but if this isn’t in your budget, hop in the car and take a road trip to someplace you’ve never been, discover what quality time with your sisters is all about

-Pull out your dancing shoes:  Leave men out of the picture, shake that thang and live it up with your girls

-Picnic in the Park:  Lounge for the day, bring a bottle of wine, a Frisbee, or just enjoy leisure time with your ladies

Amyrae is in Brooklyn, NY and an aspiring writer, humanitarian, world traveler, and philanthropist living and loving life one day at a time, checking things off of her ever expanding TO DO list.


  1. hiphopmuse says:

    I totally agree with Maryann & ChiLawGirl…while I think ladies’ night can be a good time, personally I don’t find fulfillment in being around lots of women all the time. It could just be me, but after awhile I get annoyed and bored. I love spending time with my female friends one on one, or in small groups.

    Also, I don’t think there\’s anything wrong with putting your partner before your friends. If a friend is true, she’ll understand. There shouldn’t be any competition in that regard.

  2. ChiLawGirl says:

    I think ladies night depends alot on your personality. I don’t see an alpha thriving in it unless she coordinate the night and the activities. I did a few ladies nights and I always come home with a headache and hurt feet. Not fun. But then again I was no alpha then and what we did was just go out for drinks and to the club. I like the suggestions in the post just don’t know if it’s for everybody. Oh and I like my man and my girls know he comes first.

  3. Maryann says:

    Good post. But I am more Ladies’ Night? Hanging with women on a regular basis depletes me. Makes me tired. I’m more of a one on one type person with my man or a girl friend over drinks and dinner. Group things or ladies night would be occasionally. I can be tempted if Ladies night included a nice dinner about once or twice a month, that’s ideal. Or maybe a mastermind small business meeting. I like the picnic idea too.

    Also, if a woman has a man and ditches her friends I would never take it personal. We’re all grown. At different times in our lives, our priorities shift. It may not be “the thing” to do, but I understand.

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