Kaftan Lovin’


By Guest Blogger, Goldie

Ladies, have you begun to update your summer wardrobe?

I’m sure by now you’ve acquired your classic summer basics: the swimsuit, the breathable dress, the denim cutoffs, a pair of sandal, and a beach cover up. Everything else is custom to one’s lifestyle.

Throughout the years, I have found one item that never goes out of style. As classic and as trendy as it may be, it will always turn heads: a Kaftan! I love Kaftans. They can be simple or heavily embellished. Colorful or void of color. It doesn’t matter what hue, length, or ornamentation this Kaftan is/has, it will always be in style. It has ethnic appeal, stories to tell, and provide calmness about the air.

Kaftans were originally meant for men but they have become unisex and universal. Russia, Morocco, South East Asia, and West Africa are a handful of places who wear Kaftans as part of their cultures. So, when you wear the Kaftan, feel the pride! In Istanbul, the heavily adorned pieces were awarded to those dignitaries and victorious generals as a reward during religious festivals and according to Wikipedia, “there was a strict hierarchical order in the colours, patterns, ribbons and buttons, which were chosen according to the rank of the person to whom they were presented.” Being the alphanista you are, you understand you can show your hierarchy without even opening your mouth. Head held high, you’ll glide through the crowd and float in a room with your Kaftan.

If you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t think I would/could wear a Kaftan” simply because you don’t know how, let me give you some options. When it comes to your body type, I think an alphanista can wear one regardless of how big or small your bust line is. Any size bust can pull this off. If you have that perky cleavage go ahead and get a v-neck or one with a serious dip in the neckline. You can always wear a slim tank under. Of course if you’re trying to slim down you know to chose darker colors. Length is strictly up to you but I always go for the hip-grazing kaftan. You can show off your beautiful hips, a spot of cleavage, and your free spirit with one piece of cloth. As far as coordinating pieces, I love to wear a slimmer bottom or just my bikini, if I’m on the beach. Your classic pair of denim cutoffs, whether they be shorts or bermudas down to capris, will fit the effortless style you are emulating. Also a miniskirt¬† can be so sexy that the men will salivate.

I have one. My mother has one. Even my Grandmother has a gorgeous embellished Kaftan. Now a days, the words Kaftan are loosely thrown around and there are variations of this cultural piece. For you, I’ve done a search on my fave online boutique for Kaftans: so please enjoy the selection.

I hope this summer is a prosperous one. I’m sure you have some exciting adventures and plans to execute so don’t forget your Kaftan in your suitcase/beach bag and I promise this will become your favorite summer piece.

Guest blogger Goldie Goldie is a Public Relations student interested in Fashion Publicity and Reporting.  Find out more at www.goldlabeler.com.

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  1. Gloria T. says:

    This look is very very feminine and hard to find these days withe everything being so tight and loud.

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