Jay’s Ring, Black Diamonds, Baby

Just a little something for the weekend. Jay Z’s ring is pretty nice, a white and black diamond combo. Black diamonds are coming back. I have seen these two tone rings more and more. Titanium is also a metal getting as popular as platinum. Black diamonds and titanium are still for those who want to break tradition and get something unique. These personality types are usually the ones out on the fringes doing their own thing, setting trends that others follow. They are very unafraid of what traditionists think, hence the bride in the red or black dress, which I think is lovely! They make a statement. Well, since folks are out there showing rings and all. The above photos are what I like. If you feel inspired check out one of my favorite jewelers, a frequent contributer to MYBDD, and tell them, Maryann sent you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i have a black diamond ring get asked about it all the time, its priceless; also goes nice with ANY wedding dress

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