Jay Is Married (The Truth Shall Set You Free) and It’s Sacred! How Dare He…

This week snippets of Jay Z’s interview with VIBE have been floating around the internet. I like Jay and Bey, separate and together. But if you read the snippets you’ll see how this almost 40 (if not yet)year old man has really matured from his days from “Don’t Knock the Hustle” days to romantic talk about what’s sacred in his life:

“I just think it’s really a part of your life that you gotta keep to yourself,” The 2were married in a “very special, very private, very intimate” rooftop ceremony in NYC on April 4. “You have to have something sacred to you and the people around you, I shared so much of my life… I should have something to hold on to.”

This, I respect. Now it all makes sense why he had to walk 5 steps in front of her or vice versa. If these two were just regular folks I think they would’ve married in a heartbeat. Beyonce is about her money, Jay gets money, they both build, grow, fall, and rise again. There’s no better partner to have in life, then one you love (and hate, sometimes, we all been there!) But you love, and you know because of that things ain’t always gonna roll out smoothly. Hence, the hiding, the not-wearing the rings thing, etc. I wish these two the best! They already have it, though. At least so, it seems….

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