It’s Never Too Late…The Rihanna Interview

rihannaBy Guest Blogger Shadae

In Friday’s 20/20 interview between Diane Sawyer and Rihanna, something struck out to me.

It was when Rihanna recalled the way her father was severely abusive to her mother in her upcoming and hit her “numerous” times “I said to myself, ‘I’m never gonna date someone like my dad’,” Rihanna told Sawyer. “Never!”

And when Diane Sawyer mentioned Brown’s recalling his step father abusing his mother in his upbringing . . . (but the step father denied these allegations.)

It has been said that people who witness their parents being abused in their upbringing attract abusive relationships. This makes me wonder if this is the case. If so, it still doesn’t make right what happened. Although I don’t believe Rihanna is telling the whole truth of what happened that night, it’s important for young women to know this is not a sign of love: Violence, controlling behavior and abusive behavior is not love. But when Rihanna returned to Brown it confused me and many others.

Rihanna explained: “It was confusing to me. I was still attached by love and I wasn’t thinking about the situation.”

Rihanna didn’t want to be responsible for young girls in the abusive situation.

“Even if Chris never hit me again, who is to say that their boyfriend won’t?” Rihanna said during the interview, calling her decision to reconcile with Brown “selfish.” “Who’s to say that they won’t kill these girls? These are young girls, and I just didn’t realize how much of an impact I had on these girls’ lives until that happened. It was a wake-up call.”

Rihanna story was very bland, it just didn’t sound believable as far as what really happened that night. It does sounds like she still loves Brown and a part of her wants to still be with him.

“I can’t answer that question right now, ‘cause you never know what the future holds,” she explained to Sawyer when asked would she ever reunite with him. “He was my best friend, the person I loved. We spent two years of our lives together.”

However, when she said, “I don’t have a desire at all to be with him. I don’t see how we could get back together. But I’m not God, so I can’t predict the future.” It sounds like if she didn’t have everyone weighing in on not to take him back, she would.

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  1. Aisha says:

    It doesn’t matter if she played a part or not! That’s like saying a rape victim deserved what she got because she wore a really short, tight dress and got drunk. Were the actions less than perfect yes, but does that warrant an attack no! Her attack falls squarely on the shoulders of her attacker who could not control his actions.

    I’m with Maryann with her timing, why not? She wasn’t going to do it right when it happened for obvious reasons, then she had to wait for all the legal stuff to play out and that leaves how many months until her album comes out? Why not just wait? People wanted to hear what she had to say regardless of when it was and people are going to buy her album regardless so why not combine the two?

  2. Shadae says:

    Exactly! She’s coming out with an album so why not do the interview two weeks prior?
    Album or not album, at the end of the day Rihanna’s side of the story sounds confused and unbelievable. She is the victim yes, but, she played a part in being the victim. At least that’s what I believe.

  3. Maryann says:

    I’m split on this. Maybe she wasn’t ready to discuss as soon as it happened, then a few months later, which is a decent recoup time, her album comes out. I’d save it for then, too.

  4. Nitra says:

    The timing of her appearance on the show just wasn’t right considering her album is scheduled to drop in less than two weeks. Bad promo Ri Ri try again !!!

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