It’s Back!

Whew, so it took me a while to get here.  But I am here!


I listened to you and what you wanted, and totally madeover the site with new features, and a new look.  You didn’t think I would let Alphanista go by the wayside?  With no party?  Uhm, no.  What happened is the typical metamorphosis of the alpha female.  We start big, digress, regroup and come back again to be the benchmark.

Some of our new features:

Alphanista Reads–book reviews

Alphanista@Home–etiquette, home, and craft ideas (inspired by my girl Wendy Williams, she loves her crafts!)

Lifestyle–travel, fashion, food

WTF Fridays–rants and raves about what you love/hate

Inspiration–for the “depressed” gal in all of us

And of course the classic features: Advice, He Said/She Said, How To Be An Alphanista, Alphanista Hall Of Fame, The Good Life, Get Your Hustle On and more.  Check out our updated “About Alphanista” and “Maryann Reid” pages.

Over the last several months, I got emails from you, other bloggers, and even from members of the press, who are die-hard fans.  Everybody wanted more.  I struggled because I was bored with the site.  If I’m bored with it, then you are, too.  It wasn’t making me feel alive like it used to.  But I wasn’t ready to move on.  I gathered my inner resources, and decided to think from the end, instead of day to day. I decided on success. Period.  I left the “how” to A Higher Power, and that’s easy with loyal readers who kept coming everyday, digging through the archives for anything that would give them a lift.


I can’t say that I will never disappear again.  But if I do, you’ll know it’s because I want to be my best, and bring the best to you. My Alphanistas know.




  1. Rashana says:

    Yes, like the other lady mentioned, Maryanne you are so right about digging into the archives! I try to soak up as much as I can, especially when I feel like I may have missed something. I know I won’t miss the opportunity to become a member next time. Especially at a “special rate” like you offered last time :-).

    Thanks for being you, you are in all of us!

  2. Renee says:

    Lol @ digging through the archives! You are so right girl!

    Missed you tons & I’m glad you’re back!

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