Is Elizabeth Edwards An Alphanista? Uhm…

elizabeth-edwardsThe jury is still out.  Before I give my verdict, here’s an email from a reader, Sonia:

How many times have we as women cried over some man while he made us look like a fool?

All this talk of Elizabeth Edwards and her new book had me thinking about how a woman can take back her power after an affair.  Elizabeth Edwards is making the media rounds to promote her new book Resilience. In it she discusses the affair John Edwards had during their marriage among other things.  At first I thought she was a woman scorned b/c she kept on rehashing the affair.  Then it hit me!!  She is taking back her power and letting him know that he is no longer in control of her destiny.

She is making John suffer just as much as she has suffered b/c of this “mistake” that he made…again and again.    By writing this book, Elizabeth lets out the hurt and pain.  But she also is stepping into the world of an Alphanista by turning her misery into money honey.  These books will be flying off the shelves quickly b/c who doesn’t love a juicy tell all book.

And she will be rolling to the bank.  (Not sure if John Edwards gets to revel in her profits).  This just goes to show you that sometimes, an Alphanista is born through circumstance.  Obviously, what hasn’t killed Elizabeth Edwards, has made her stronger.  Bravo ELizabeth!  What can we learn from this?  Well we can learn to use what seems like a something worthless and turn it into something worthwhile and take it to the bank!


An alphanista can definitely be born through circumstance.   What Edwards did well was turn her story into a legacy, a profitable one, and have her say.  Fine.  That’s important.  I have a feeling that most of the profits will go the kids’ trustfunds, anyway.   She’s probably thinking that her husband is young enough, handsome enough, and desirable enough to get another wife after she dies.  She wants to protect her children.  Usually when these husbands move on, they sometimes get so mesmerized by another woman she virtually robs him blind (probably, another alphanista!).

Anyway, what I don’t agree with is Edwards’ perceived venom for this other woman and baby.  She needs to just accept her husband has a child out there with another woman.   It happens.  Make peace.  Invite the woman and child over, have a big family pow wow, draw up some papers, and take control.  How can she have anything that belongs to her husband out there in the world without loving it too?  That struck me as a little self righteous, and frankly I was disappointed.

So, I think Edwards needs a little bit more refinement before she gets inducted into the Alphanista Hall Of Fame.  An seasoned alphanista would have had the DNA tests done by now.  Papers written up.   She, at the helm, as big-mama, making sure it all  comes together somehow.   The only victim here is the baby.  The rest of them, have to sleep in the bed they made.

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    I think she should have taken more control before completing the book, incorporated her actions in the book to show more women that she Kicked his ass and is “healing” from the infidelity. I think she’s lashing out & blaming the mistress more then her husband. She’s no alphanista, in my book, unless she shows us something a little different in her DNA.

  2. Julissa says:

    I was hoping you’d do a post on this. I think she is an alphanista because she came through it all she refuses to crawl up and be forgotten, she knows she is dying and she is not playing victim.

  3. Lucy says:

    She’s very angry, that Oprah interview didn’t help. I applaud her for takin her power back but there is work still to do.

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