Is Being A Golddigger Bad?

Heather Mills, ex-wife Paul McCartney

No.  Wish I could stop there.

I’m not advocating golddigging, but I do believe most women can’t help themselves.  Ask a Russian chick, they’re the best golddiggers in the world.  Just like a woman gets whip lash looking at all the Loubs at Saks Fifth Avenue, she has the same reaction to a man in a nice car, in nice shoes, wearing sparkling cuff links, sporting a 4-figure bag that he told me was only one of two left in the world, uhm, ok.  It’s ingrained in women’s cells that they seek the best providers.

Sort of like in cave man days.  Women were scouting for the best hunter.  The man who bought the most meat and goods back to the cave.  No one was checking for the dude who came through with two scrawny baby dinosaur legs.  Women wanted M-E-A-T.  The big thighs with the bones and sides, too.  It’s supposed to be that way.  It’s nature.  Women are responsible for protecting their genetic integrity by choosing mates that will be able to provide their offspring with a stable, nurturing suitable life.  Of course, these days women are cave men too and are bringing their meat back to the cave.  But she still wants a man who has more meat.  Is this golddigging?

Sometimes, women jockey for invitations to certain events that “well off” men attend, all in the hopes of the major coup.  They position, manipulate and strategize.  Is this golddigging?  I’m still not convinced.

There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to have the best life has to offer.   She’s never going to be satisfied anyway.  Have you ever met a happy woman, who wasn’t somehow trying to fix even a small minute part of her?  Women are never completely satisfied.  Even landing “mr. moneybags” will make a woman want more, more, more.  She’ll want to dress nicer, eat better, travel more.  When she gets that she’ll want more for her kids, more money, more time.  Then when she gets that she’ll want to start working on herself, get therapy, read self-help books, start working out more. It’s endless.

Being a golddigger is just a thing that women do because they are women.  Plain and simple.  Love them for it.  What other reason for living would a rich man have if it wasn’t for women?


  1. mike says:

    Hey Maryann. My wife may cater to me but, she can also destroy me when she feels things are not working out. If a guy is spending outragous amounts of money on a woman that is not his wife, he is trickin weather he got it or not.

  2. Brian says:

    I think a true Golddigger is a woman who “promises” to give up the goods in exchange for the shopping, cash, car payment…but never does, constantly leading the man on with the notion that if he continues to pay, he will one day get to behold the glory that is that woman.

    Every woman wants a man with a little (or a lotta) dough in his pocket and as long as the relationship is solid it doesn’t matter if he is spending it on her. Where it get riduculous is when the woman wants so many material things that she is willing to put her man in the poor house to get them. That’s a problem.

    The other problem is if you are the type of woman that never reaches in your pocket to get your man anything – then you might be a Gold Digger – even if you are spending his money…among your many boxes of Gucci and Jimmy Choo and Bebe should be a nice bottle of colonge or cuff links for your man.

  3. Loving a bottom B says:

    LOL @ Mike.

    @Maryann, It’s not tricking if you got it but it is tricking if you don’t and that originally comes from the pimping and hoeing community.

  4. Maryann says:

    damn mike, you wouldn’t want your wife to “cater” to you? but a stranger is okay? interesting. at least with your wife you can keep the money home, not with a stranger…

  5. mike says:

    Those demands can be met with a paid professional, done more efficently at a much cheaper rate than some fake wife looking to come up if things dont work out. I think I’ll keep my doe!!!

  6. Maryann says:

    LOL @THC I think the quietness on this thread means being a golddigger is all good…like lil Wayne said \’it aint trickin if u got it\’ men who have it, rarely complain about golddigging, i mean REALLY got it.

  7. Ok, the secret for men who constantly have women digging in their pockets is to set rules for these ladies. Rules that would make shelling out $1000 for an Armani purse and shoes less painful.

    -DEMAND that she NEVER gains weight, or lets herself go.
    -DEMAND that the home is kept clean at ALL TIMES.
    -DEMAND that a home cooked meal is waiting for you daily, even if she has to have it catered.
    -DEMAND that she fixes and brings your plate to you
    -DEMAND that she keeps those little crumb snatchers quiet when you get home from work at night.
    -DEMAND that she has sex at least 3 times a week
    -DEMAND that she is always there to listen and lend support whenever needed.

    If she fulfils all of your needs, requests, and desires, then break out that credit card!

    Catch my drift?

  8. mike says:

    I agree with this post. Here is a better question to pose. How would one achieve this without “appearing to be” a gold-digger? I think it is possible to achieve this goal of capturing this wealth beast without being so blatiant in the approach. I say getting your own net worth up puts you in place to be in the same places the beast frequents.Weathly men love to take care of women whom dont actually need them.(ask Jamie Foxx) If this your premise as you walk in the door,it is SO obvious! Dont get me wrong, there are a few fools looking pay, not many.

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