Is Anyone Else Pissed At Rihanna?

rihannaBy Guest Blogger Denitra Samuels

What Rihanna did to Chris Brown is insane.

The other day she was standing all smug in the courtroom like a complete airhead. Now the system has to come in and tell them how far, how close, and how to wipe their behinds until further notice. I mean, really? All because this girl could not keep her hands to herself. Where is her anger management classes, community service, probation? She hit a man, and that set it off. If women are going to be claiming rights and equal stats and all of that, they need to withstand equal treatment. So, now she’s gallivanting with a new boy toy. Looking sillier by the day. I hope she does not come out with any type of “Independent Woman” songs because she is far from independent thinking. Once you let the courts and systems into your life, they never leave, you are NEVER independent.

Where is her next album? Where is her charity work? What else is she doing with her life? At least with others like Beyonce and ’em, you see them getting around and spreading positive messages via charities and organizations. If Rihanna was going to be the victim in this debacle, then her PR person should have had her do a few after school promos about domestic violence and maybe open a center or 1800 numbers for abused women. She didn’t. Because that didn’t happen!

Guest Blogger Denitra Samuels is a graduate student of criminal justice at a local college in NYC.


  1. Jennifer says:

    @ EbonyLolita, no, the original poster went to a college and studied criminal justice 🙂 I still attend high school.

  2. EbonyLolita says:

    Tiyad a dis argument. Really. But Imma put my 2cents in regardless.

    @Jennifer good points on the legal aspect. We probably attended the same Criminal Justice School in NYC. I agree the affidavit never reflected that Rihanna hit him. It stated that he became upset after being confronted about text messages, sexual in nature.
    I also agree about men having the advantage in terms of strength due to their testosterone. Whether it was mutual abuse or not Chris Brown had the physical advantage. Over 190lbs and 6’2 is obviously an advantage over RhiRhi. C’mon ladies keep it real. Domestic violence is all about Control of the Victim by the Agressor and often verbal and mental abuse are catalyst for the physical abuse. Chris Brown got off easy and it would have been a huge case had he gotten a little time b/c the young as well as the old need to realize that DV is NEVER OK!!
    At first I wanted Rhianna to do the whole PR/CHarity thing but then again maybe she doesn’t want the “stigma” of being related to DV, even though she already is. That would cause her to accept what he did to her was Abuse. I have a feeling if this didn’t play out in the media we wouldn’t have known about it. There were allegations of DV happening at earlier points of their relationship. I don’t know *shrugs* I hope Rihanna does some homework on herself and fixes the things that would cause her to stay with a man that abuses her in any manner. Chris Brown??? Hmpfh he need a box and a kick by a group of MEN but then I’d be a hypocrite on the violence issue.

    Anywho, Love EbonyLolita 😉

  3. Jennifer says:

    @ Juicy Carter,

    “Im not sure if i get that. Lets just say that Rihanna did hit Chris repeatedly, is he supposed to sit there and take numerous punches and slaps and not defend himself because she is a woman? I dont know many men who can sit there and just let a woman hit on them and not defend themselves in some way.”

    Guess what? She didn’t, though. It’s entirely ridiculous to base an opinion such as the one that she deserved it, on extremely different circumstances. She didn’t attack him, nor did she hit him first. He pleaded guilty to what he was charged with, which he wouldn’t have if the story had differed extremely. If she had beat him like he had done to her, he would have made sure the police knew it, and documented it, and he would have brought it up in the courts. To do otherwise would be unnecessarily damaging to his career and reputation. It’s incredible what lengths some people will go to to blame the victim in domestic abuse cases.

    Also, if she did in fact hit him first, there are ways to defend oneself that do not involve brutalizing the other party. He had the physical strength to immobilize her without harming her. That does not involve the injuries that she received. They had a verbal argument prior to his beating her, and perhaps she said something that provoked him, but that does not in any case justify the violent assault that occurred.

    The onus is on you to explain why you have legitimate reason to believe events were radically different to those he was charged with, in order to justify your belief. Nothing you have said has come close to doing so. Engaging in ‘what if’ situations just demonstrates how far you are willing to go to blame her, and quite frankly, I find that pathetic.

    “and like the blogger said, Rihanna and Chris did go to Diddy’s vacation home and lay up under eachother after this happened so why should we feel sorry for her?”

    I’ve already addressed this; clearly you and the other people who use this absurd reply know absolutely jackshit about the cycle of domestic abuse. If you fail to read above, where I have already answered this, then that is not my issue.

    @ Dhalil,

    “Everyone is getting themselves hyped and are now attacking each other for their opinions.”
    I don’t think there are extreme ad hominem attacks in this thread in any case. I think what your referring to is what we call debate, which has occurred because some people are not willing to stand by whilst others sprout ignorant, uninformed opinions (and yes, that goes vice-versa; I’m entirely sure people believe that about mine).

  4. Dhalil says:

    Everyone is getting themselves hyped and are now attacking each other for their opinions. As stated earlier, only Chris and Rihanna know exactly what happened. I am a firm believer that a man should not put his hands on a woman, but I am also a firm believer that women should not put their hands on a man either unless they plan on being hit back (or just don’t mind). If in fact she did hit first, she deserved to be hit back. I did not say beat up or brutalized! Both individuals showed a lack of control in the situation, but they are both also very young and in the public eye. I do not think we should take this one situation and use it to damn either of these young adults to forever be pitted against each other in our blogs and debates. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS WRONG!! Regardless if it is by a woman or a man. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO FEEL SECURE IN THEIR PERSON AND SHOULD NOT BE MADE TO FEAR PHYSICAL CONTACT FROM A LOVER! People they will get on with their lives and make money and we should to.

  5. Juicy Carter says:

    @ Jennifer, for the comment u made ” She didn’t hit him. Moreover, even if she had, it wouldn’t justify what he did to her”

    Im not sure if i get that. Lets just say that Rihanna did hit Chris repeatedly, is he supposed to sit there and take numerous punches and slaps and not defend himself because she is a woman? I dont know many men who can sit there and just let a woman hit on them and not defend themselves in some way. and like the blogger said, Rihanna and Chris did go to Diddy’s vacation home and lay up under eachother after this happened so why should we feel sorry for her? Honestly if it wasnt for her family talking about how upset they were ( that she continued seeing him they would have still been together even through the trial, probably up until the judge gave the order that they had to stay away from eachother.

  6. -M says:

    I saw Chris Brown at a Charity event in Virginia back in April. This thing goes both ways. Neither of them should have put their hands on the other. We weren’t there that night and neither one of them has made a public statement. Her pics didn’t look like she had been beat by a man. She looked more like she was in a scuffle. At any rate we can all speculate but who really knows. Lets let the court deicde Chris’s fate and accept it.

  7. 7 Wonders says:

    Please people stop saying men are physically stronger than women. I come from a family of women who whooped men’s asses on a regular. My aunts and my mom where always dominant. We used to help my Dad when my parent fought. Don’t even think it was because the men I’m speaking of were weak, it wasn’t!!! If you think that, then you still don’t understand what I am saying. When people assume a man can beat up a woman just because she is a woman, I actually think that is sexist. Stop looking at women as weaklings. Most women I know can hold their own. Women kick men’s asses, shoot, cut, stab and every damn thing else. It does not empower women to see them as victims anytime they are pitted against a man. That’s 1950ish thinking. Women rule!!!!!

  8. Zabeth says:

    Fair grounds????

    Bullsh*t case? What was she supposed to do in light of being attacked? Nothing- sweep it under the rug like so many other victims do?

    No beat down? Did you not see her face afterward?

    So what if she has the resources to go to the Bahamas to recuperate? That’s beside the point. I don’t know if she was with CB or not, but as Jennifer stated DV is a very difficult cycle to break from. And what about CB lounging and water skiing at Diddy’s house in Miami. Isn’t he wrong for that too?

  9. Jennifer says:

    @ Danitra, another problem here is your insistence that she need do charity work. Erm, why? As another commenter mentioned previously, she does do charity work, so firstly, you evidently haven’t done your research. You claim that she should have done work for domestic violence (I fail to see why, given that you hold no compassion for victims of it), but why? It’s entirely possibly she doesn’t feel able to do that, given what occurred, and how personal it is to her. Most likely, she’ll still suffering from the effects of it in some form or another. How do you have the right to pass judgment on that? Why, precisely, ‘should’ she? Did the thought that it was perhaps too soon for her ever occur to you?

    I fail to see how this was a ‘bullshit case’ – he committed a crime, and pleaded guilty. Severely assaulting a woman has consequences, and he needs to face them. You claim to be opposed to violence on either side, but your opinion contradicts that.

    In regards to her being in the Bahamas with him (er, again, source? Too much trouble for you?), if she was, that still doesn’t justify victim-blaming. Physical abuse often comes with mental, and it can be an incredibly difficult cycle to break out of. If you talk to women who have been through both, you’d find that out.

  10. Denitra says:

    NOBODY IS BLAMING WOMEN, I cannot stand it how defensive women get when one of their own is so called “victmized”. It’s not about male approval. Who cares. Most women don’t even know how to act with a man and that is Rihanna’s problem. Just because I disagree on very fair grounds as to why everybody is on her side doesn’t mean I support violence on EITHER end. Get over your emotions and deal with the facts.

    So is Rihanna supposed to be applauded for what she did? What did she do to help herself or spread a positive message? But start a bullsh*t case and waste people time and money? As a taxpayer, I am pissed at that too. There was NO beat down, girl was in Bahamas the week after, with Chris, all was well.

  11. Zabeth says:

    I find it absolutely sickening when women blame other women for being abused and completely roll over defending men for their blatantly bad behavior. Have we lost our sense of self worth or are we just that desperate for male approval? I don’t get it and I hope I never do.

  12. TOO REAL says:

    Thank you. I have been saying this all the time. To the people who say Ri got beat up well – that the chance you take when you throw the first blow and secondly – how many of you out there are raising their kids to be abused (may it be male or female). Ri parents should have taught her to keep her hands to herself. In hindsight, the Virginia police should have arrested her when she was breaking up Chris’s mother’s flat screens and non of this would have happened but Chris didn’t want her charged. Next time Chris let the cops have her

  13. CARUH says:

    Maybe you should do your research first. Rihanna does some, though not a lot, of charity work. It just that some people choose, like yourself, to focus on this drama.

    And as far as who hit who first, it doesn’t matter. The only two that know what happened that night are the two of them. And everyone can go back and forth till they turn black and blue (no pun intended) but it doesn’t matter anymore. What is done is done and hopefully they both have learned a strong lesson and can continue with both of their careers.

  14. Jasmine says:

    I’m not upset at Rihanna and Jennifer’s comments hit the nail on the head.

    So much happens inside of people’s relationships of which others, on the outside, have no clue. What difference does speculation make? Absolutely none. Please, leave the lives of Rihanna and Chris to Rihanna and Chris.

  15. Zabeth says:

    “Evidently the ignorance involved in blaming a black woman for being physically abused escapes you. Enough said.”

    Jennifer, I couldn’t agree more.

  16. golide says:

    fight fight fight! WHERES MY POPCORN!

    I do agree with the part where her PR should have got her ass in the charity light. It would have done her image some good. The pics do make her look like she’s saying,” haha! gotcha bitch!” on the inside but we dont see her do anything to take advantage of the predicament she is in. While she isn’t obligated to do these things, she looks worse in this situation for not. esp since there were rumors about her boo’ed up with chris afterwards.

    ealry in their relationship, i just shook my head, like damn when are they gonna seperate for 5 mins. you cant be with some one day and night for months and months and not expect some fighting. I was waiting for it… just not like this.

    @jen, could u please show where you think that racist undertone is, because I dont see it. I do see white girls, hispanic girls, purple chicas hittin their boos so Im confused as well

  17. Jennifer says:

    Evidently the ignorance involved in blaming a black woman for being physically abused escapes you. Enough said.

    Where did you get your version from then? What valid source?
    I’d say the affidavit would be the most valid. Care to correct me?

    It’s interesting that you tell me not to judge, given the content in this blog post. O hai thar, hypocrisy!

  18. Denitra says:

    @Jennifer WTF? Where did you get racist undertones from? I don’t have to read the affidavit to know that she did hit him. There are different versions. Please read carefully before you judge.

  19. Jennifer says:

    “Guest Blogger Denitra Samuels is a graduate student of criminal justice at a local college in NYC.”

    For a graduate student of criminal justice, you might have done well to read the affidavit. She didn’t hit him. Moreover, even if she had, it wouldn’t justify what he did to her. Victim blaming is old, and prosaic; you’re not nearly as edgy as you think you are by accusing her of ‘deserving’ it. You’d do well to check the racist undertones in your argument (or lack thereof), too.

  20. Wanda says:

    Not at all! We need to stop excusing bad behavior from men. Even if she hit him (which we don’t know btw), that was no readson to beat her to a pulp! I call it like I see it. He’s a sorry a**!

  21. design2lov3 says:

    I feel she doesn\’t understand that she took away apart of someone\’s freedom because of her jealous rage or whatever happened in that lambo that night, all I know is that Chris Brown didn\’t just slap her ass for no reason….She reminds me of that character Ashley in the mary morrison and carl webber book \’She aint the one\’. lol, not saying i agree with chris brown beating the shit outta her because that\’s wrong, he should of just shook the shit outta her and some sense into her

  22. Gina says:

    Why must she wait on Chris Brown to do something, Rihanna should take the initiative. She was the one claiming victim.

  23. Zabeth says:

    No, I’m not pissed at her…at ALL! Did we forget that she’s the one who was hit and had to go to the hospital? Why defend and apologize for Chris Brown here? That I do not understand.

    I’ve had other men tell me this- equality rights aside, it doesn’t matter who hit who first. As a man he has the advantage of size and strength. Hence why it is considered ungentlemanly for a man to hit a woman.

    I’ll also ask the same questions of Chris Brown: where is his next album? Where is his charity work? What else is he doing with his life?

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