Instant Download! How To Do ALMOST Anything Like An Alphanista

detox_membershipWow, what a week.  This new ebook is popular, should have made it available months ago!  Here’s another excerpt.  If you like it, download instantly here.

How To Get A Promotion (p. 7/30)

t Alphanista, we don’t go about getting a promotion the regular way like our
civilian co-workers. Sure, hard work is important and gets rewarded but that
goes without saying. How many times do you really want to hear “you need to
work hard”. You can read something else for that!

The quickest, effortless way to a promotion is through building relationships and
bonding with your boss…..[PARTS OMITTED]

Here’s a list for surefire ways to get that promotion!

1)  Feed Your Boss
Every boss has a list of things he eats regularly. As his assistant you may buy
his lunch and knows he loves a good turkey sandwich or red, crisp apple.
Keep this in mind. Pick up a fresh batch of apples from the farmer’s market
for your boss. You can also bake him and his family a batch of cookies,
separate from your co-workers. Maybe even buy him a bottle of wine. Find
out what he drinks. Again, just like #1 make yourself indispensable. Sure
you do good work, but so can the next girl that’ll take your place. In this economy, good work is a dime a dozen. Stand out. Not everyone will think of this unless they are reading

2) Touch Your Boss
Embrace your femininity at work. Wear bangles, dangly earrings, skirts that graze your knees and                                                                       move as you walk… [PARTS OMITTED] For female bosses, dress like them.   If she wears purple often,do it. Pearls? Get some.

5) Meet His Family
If they stop by the office, accommodate them, remember their names. Ask
about them regularly. If you see on his calendar, that he and his wife are
going to the US Open, mention how hard it is to get tickets. Or perhaps, they
are having a family BBQ in the Hamptons, tell him how you are finding
something to do that weekend, and would love to meet some new people for
a change. If you have built on points 1-4 he will definitely invite you…..

For the other tips in this section, you need the EBOOK.  Download it here!