Virgin Monologues: I’m A Virgin

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Guest Blogger, Ms. G.  (26)

An alpha female can be a virgin and proud of it.

Today’s virgin is a strong woman. She is goal driven, meticulous, seeks justice for all, and is trustworthy. She is also pure in heart, spirit mind and soul. It is her job and duty to be the exactor of social justice and lead by example. You can believe that a man will never bring her down, her goals in life are to be the best daughter, sister, employer, employee, student, co-worker and human that she can ever be.

However, most of all today’s virgin is a woman on an ultimate mission, a mission that so many other powerful women that have come before her have undertaken. Nothing and absolutely nothing can deter her from this mission. There are two things. Only two things to remember about this woman. She will do anything and I mean any thing to protect the dignity and the sovereignty of her mission. What is this mission you ask? Well let me tell you.

Her mission is to be the best mother and lover she can be. This woman will go to many lengths to see that this happens. There is nothing in the world that she holds more sacred than her man, marriage and her children. Oh yes she is a professional, and she will work, but her children and husband will always come first.


Here are some ways to make sure you stay a virgin:

1.    Make up your mind not to have sex before you go out with the girls.

2.    If a man wants to have a long-term relationship with you, be honest and tell him up front. If you want it, put a ring on it.

3.    Let every man know that you are open to talk and have fun, but not open for sex (that way they don’t have any expectations)

4.    Always try and go out with your man, don’t stay indoors and in intimate settings

5.    After a wonderful date, leave him at the door, no nightcaps.

6.    It is all in the body language; say you are sexy but not wanting.

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  1. Tish says:

    Ha ha, Maryann, you have such fun and funny people on here 😀 You are somehow attracting a very diverse, open-minded, fun group of people and must be deleting all the obnoxious “crazies” that often show up on comment sections.

    You have a great site here. I found it by accident and kept saying that I was gonna get off of it because I have a tendency to get addicted to things, which is why I recently got off fb. But, voila, I couldn’t resist all the interesting, insightful, and “not too long” articles. I just find myself reading “just one more” article and comment section 😀 Thanks 😀

  2. Gladys says:

    Thanks Bill I have been working on this one for years ha ha ha. i am finally at the stage were i am willing to e and talk about it. I wish i knew how to take my message to the world, but this blog is a start.

    I believe in second virginity, but there is definately no third, LOL. I think that is a woman or man seriously makes the decision to stay a virgin and work on different areas in their lives. I can admire that.

  3. Bill Cammack says:

    This is great! “How To Stay A Virgin” hahaha Wish I had thought of it! 😀

    It’s a good idea to state this ahead of time, but be prepared for guys to not take you seriously. There are too many women running around calling themselves “born-again virgins”, and they’ve tainted the pool/reputation of actual virgins.

    Basically, when a guy hears this, he’s thinking “oh, She’s QUIT giving it up”, not that she never did.

  4. Gladys says:

    Totally totally, you are right it is all about non compromise. No matter what your values are (if they don’t harm anybody) do not compromise. I am sure I will find prince charming, but I am not sure what he will come riding in on LOL. I am in Texas so if I find him in the country side he just might be riding a horse. LOL.

    Oh and we have a biker population, and a CEO population, and a Preacher population, the possibilities are endless. LOL

  5. Gladys says:

    It is all about discipline. I applaud for taking the high road. Yes there are a lot of women out there who wouldn’t understand why a man wants to remain a virgin, but trust me there are a few of us out there who will appreciate your sacrifice. HOLD STRONG!!!

  6. Incognegro says:

    Sounds like to me Gladys is on her grind. She’s willing to do all the fun stuff to get and entertain a man in a relationship but is not willing to compromise on her stance to wait until marriage to have sex. I applaud you for that, sister. At the same time, you seem very grounded on not knocking those that have chosen to enjoy the pleasures of sex in and out of wedlock.

    I hope you find what you are looking for – it won’t be easy, but they say that nothing worth it, is.

    I think the lesson here is all about focus and dedication. Dedicate yourself to a cause and focus on a position and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be has hard as keeping your legs locked until Prince Charming comes around, but make it hard enough to really matter to you. Hell, dedicate yourself not to shop on impulse for a period of time or until you reach a certain goal. Re-virginize yo wallet! 🙂 Not to make light of Gladys’ decision – I’m just sayin’ learn from her example – even if you disagree with her choice.

  7. Good Man says:

    I am impressed and encouraged to hear from adult virgins. I’m no virgin but I’ve been abstaining from sex for over 8 years now, waiting for marriage… but the other week I got ‘dumped’ cause I wouldn’t have sex with this chick. They never believe you’re for real… so that made me wonder if I need to get with a virgin cause then we’ll have no conflict. Being a virgin is SO UNDERRATED! But then again so is a proper diet, 401k plan, and going back to school.


  8. Gladys says:

    Yeah good advice. The one thing I know is that he as to be an active Christian. Walking the walk not just talking the talk.

  9. Gladys says:

    GG forgive me but is cock-blockin exactly what it sounds like or is it something different.

    I hold myself to a certain standard and I don’t expect anyone to use my standards. My standards come from the very special and unique relationship I have with God. We all have our own unique relationship with him.

    By the way I like Martinis, and a guy can glide towards me all he wants. We will have a very humorous or serious conversation and be on our way. Unless we decided to meet again and see were the relationship will take us.

  10. Cee says:

    I like this. You have chosen your moral standards and decided to stick with them. That is hard to do in this day and age, on all topics, not just sex. So, Brava.

  11. GG says:

    Loves, Loves ,Loves the site first time commenting. While yes it is commendable in this day and age to still be a virgin, a lot of women in this category seem to be on some sort of moral pedestal. Not a good look when out with virgin friends (not many mind you) lol and they take the role of mommy and cock-blockin to seriously. Realy ladies whileI do applaud the stance you’ve taken Im not looking toexpound on the virtues of virginity while Im sipping my dirty martini eyeing the honey gliding across the room towards me .

  12. I hope so there is a method to your madness.If you come in contact with that 5% your good..And if your in church maybe that lucky guy is right there in church with you..Please keep us updated.

  13. Gladys says:


    I was afraid of the real world, but i have been thrust into it and it is not so scary. I will have to explore this notion that men and sketchy about virgins, because I don’t see it that way. If being a virgin takes me off 95% of guys lists then that just made my life easier. LOL I don’t have time to play around anyway.

    No I am sure that God has a husband for me out there some were. It will all make since once I find him and get married. Then I can write another blog when the final piece of the puzzle comes together.

    My being a virgin also plays a role in my mission and ministry. I want to talk to young girls about sexual purity and being careful. Even if they can not wait, they can take precautions that will keep them from getting pregnant and or Getting an STD. If I am going to talk about it to young girls, I need to lead by example. LOL There is a methods to my madness.

  14. Pleaure Pluz says:

    Mr. Ent. I agree %100.

    But I will say that the man you find, Gladys, will be an Extraordinay man willing to be your husband. So do your thing girl!

  15. Gladys,

    Like some people who go to school and turn a 4 Years learning into 6-8 years because they are afraid of the real world.I hope that\’s not you…What happens is people get out in the real world and take all of what they learn into the real world and find out that what they learn don\’t work..Then they wonder where did they go wrong?

    Be a virgin is fine but if you have not noticed its hard enough for women to find a man first!
    So here you come looking for a husband and being a virgin…That\’s like two strikes Good luck with that one.

    That has to take you off 95%of men you will meet.If he does wait there will be someone on side doing what you waiting to do…

    Real Talk..

  16. Gladys says:


    Sex is all about discovery. No I am not going to be ready for everything on my wedding night. No I don’t thing I will ever be ready for somethings, but that’s the whole fun of it. My husband will be my teacher and is that one graduation I don’t want friends and family to be at (lol I have been in school forever and my family goes to all my graduations).

  17. Gladys says:

    Thanks Rocky, you are right, God does need “sacrifices” anymore thank God LOL. Plus I don’t expect my husband to be a virgin. If he is that is an A+, but there are many more requirements I want in a husband. Trust me who ever my future husband is he is going to perfect for me. We will make the whole journey together. it will me neat to see the pride and excitement in his eyes.

    I really want to stress that there is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to wait. If nothing else, it shows that she has strong discipline and loyalty to what she believes. Staying sexually pure positively affects all aspects of a persons life.

  18. First I am mad at myself for Even speaking on this subject..This reminds of D.L. Hugely stand up talking about women who do not do oral sex”The Still Make You”…

    A virgin would be good for a person who does not want a wife who has more tricks in her bag then David Blaine.
    Maybe a virgin whould make a great wife for another virgin that way no one will know more than the other person..

    Then like Chris Rock said in his last Stand up show ” Whatever that man as been exposed to he is going to want the next women to do!!!?” .Being a Virgin will you be open to everything??

    That’s like cramming the night before a Final Exam..Then year 4-5 you going to need a bag of tricks to keep your man around..

    No need for part II

  19. Rocky says:

    Man.. I don’t know WHERE to start on this one.. MA-R. you really know how to get these things goin lol..

    @ Gladys…as I appreciate and respect your view point, I say this:

    I’d prefer my woman get ALL the thoughts, curiosities and filling of wild oates our of her system BEFORE entering my life. Why?

    Because from a lamens point of view? I don’t need my woman EVER wondering what it would be like to have another Johnson or another one would be like.

    Dont get me wrong. I know full well that going into a relationship that my other half will have had other men in her life, but thats not my problem. What happened before me was and is just that. BEFORE ME.

    However, I believe in todays day and age, meeting a man who is a virgin past his 20 or even mid 20’s presents you with more a question of that man and his personality than of his faith.

    I think most virgins that old are in Monestarys or such. Even Priest have caved in admitting that having to hold on to a faith of virtue has made them touch little boys…

    Nothing ‘makes” you do anything, but my point is, a man has Natural needs just like a woman. But admittedly moreso for the man.

    If he has not had these natural urges to act on, by his choice or the choices others have given him, I would question his being. Just like I would question a woman who is a virgin well into her 20’s and beyond.

    Like someone else mentioned, you may miss out on something really good. Since sacrifices to Gods aren’t the in thing for Virgins anymore, I’d give that a second thought.

  20. Gladys says:

    LOL THC, I like Unicorns, thank you.

    Dee, Both virgins and non-virgins can be empowered. The empowerment happens in different ways for each woman. Empowerment starts with your beliefs and values and how well you adhere to them. The bottom line is never compromise on values and beliefs unless that compromise will be for the good of society.

    I believe that there are millions of wonderful men out there and I will probably meet a few along the way, but I also believe that the man who is to be my husband will respect my wish to remain a virgin. In fact, I believe that my virginity is something he will want to protect until we are married.

  21. Dee says:

    I hardly get to hear from virgins so this perspective was interesting but I have a question. I get that the virgin is empowered however non virgins can be empowered too. I get it that virgins can be sexy and have a social life. But what if you meet a wonderful man who wants to have sex before getting married. Does that make him bad or love you any less? Thats where I start to wonder because virgins can miss out on good relationships and you can’t grow as a person if you are not in a relationship with someone, specifically a man.

  22. Gladys says:

    Ha ha ha thank you guys. Yes I did choose to be a virgin because of my relationship with God. It was a promise I made a long time ago. If you go to my blog you can read about it. it is only recently that have started to share my promise. It have been a very private decision.

    Oh and I do feel like an endangered spices, about to become extinct. I think I look better than Bigfoot though. LOL Thanks guys. Ask any questions you want.

  23. babydoll says:

    This admirable. I think there might be a lot of comments (good/bad) on this topic. Whew what a change from getting advice from a hooker the other day (which was good too) lol…I like diversity!

    But like I said, I have mix feelings about this topic. I am no virgin, but I did plan on being one until I got married, didn’t happen, but I don’t regret it either. I feel that sex can be the most beautiful thing in the world and I also believe it can take over your life. People just need to learn how to balance. I know the Lord, but I do not feel that being a virgin will get you closer to marriage, unless that man is a virgin too, that is just my opinion. I think I will abstain from sex weeks before my marriage though just for the fun and anticipation of it, to bring newness to the wedding night lol…. But I 100% respect people that chose to remain virgins, it is a strong choice and not easy and I do believe anyone that goes that route will be blessed big time in the long run…not neccesarily with marriage though lol, but you never know.

  24. dmarbury says:

    I don’t know if they are rare so mch as silent. People keep this information to themselves and only disclose it those close to them. I know of a few virgins and they made their choice for religious reasons.

  25. Adult Virgins reminds me of Mythical figures because you hardly ever see them. So when an adult tells me that they are a virgin, I get all excited like a just saw a Bigfoot or UFO.

    Good for you girl…

  26. James says:

    I feel you, but why would a virgin want to stay a virgin? Also, do they make better wives and girlfriends? I don’t think think it makes a difference. the last I had a virgin I was 17 so I may not be the best person to talk.

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