I’m a Board Member!

So, after months of lots of interviews and meeting folks, I finally got nominated to be a board member of this GREAT organization called Girls Quest. Their mission is below:
Girls Quest’s mission is to nurture girls from low-income families in New York to help them achieve their full potential and become active members of their communities by building academic and social competence. This is done through outdoor experiential education, year-round mentoring, and leadership training programs.
I visited the camp today in the Catskills and met some of the girls, some as young as 8, and as old as 16. What they are learning in etiquette, sports, communication skills, analytical skills, respect for each other and team work is phenomenal. The girls are happy, and have beautiful grounds to explore and find themselves. I hope they take advantage of that. Too bad, so many of our hoods don’t have recreational centers. Children need this! They rather be busy doing something constructive and meaningful than walking up and down the street. One of the profound things I heard today was when a girl said that the camp experience made her feel “comfortable around other girls”. Now, that is something.
There’s an upcoming Hamptons event and many other things going on to bring attention to the org. These are more geared to board members bringing people out and spreading the message. So, stay tuned.

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