If Rihanna Was An Alpha Female…

Bad Valentine's Day Up Ahead...
Bad Valentine's Day Up Ahead...

*She would have handled this differently.

Based on their celebrity status this needed time to unpack before contacting authorities.  At the end of the day, these two are still children, still green, with raw, unfiltered emotions that can destroy lives and careers.  Now it’s a media blitz even before all the details are revealed

*She would know that if you hit a 19 year old boy, there’s a 90% chance he’ll hit you back.  I suspect this is not the first time she or he did it.  This type of behavior happens alot in young relationships.  They have to be handled properly because most of these youngins get back together and many grow up to be adults who don’t hit.   From reports, they are already back on speaking terms, more or less.

*She would be dating a much older man, take a cue from Beyonce.  An older man who is settled and got too much to risk.  On second thought, an older, settled man really can’t be bothered with that drama

*She would stop with that “evil eye” of hers, something ain’t screwed on too tightly with this girl

*She would have more self esteem and self control.  It’s obvious that like many young girls her age she’s battling this.  Most of the media depict her as the “clingy” and “needy” one in the relationship.  The media kept putting on the pressure to marry and get engaged.  At their age?  It was delusional and she bought into it.   He may have, too.  And when the cameras were away, it didn’t seem like that at all.

This case is still unraveling.  The details are not all out yet. I care and I don’t care.  I’m not fans of either.  But it’s worth noting.   According to the law, folks are innocent until proven guilty.  Chris Brown is a talented fella and I’m sure he’ll get any help if he needs it.  But if he has to “talk” to someone, so does Rihanna.  She doesn’t have all her “t”‘s crossed either.


  1. anonymous says:

    YALL D@MN STRAIGHT ABOUT THAT! I agree with alllllla that yall just said. She definitely has some screws loose, and he’s not all that straight either apparently.

  2. Bill Cammack says:

    Good points. By now, the media has reported them as “back together”, which is actually a misnomer, because nobody ever said they split up.

    At this point, it probably won’t even go to trial, because the prosecution’s only witness is Rihanna, and by now, Chris has waxed that lovely a few times, and the whole incident’s been erased from her mind.

    On top of that, the only reason they wouldn’t be able to “investigate” this situation quickly is if she hit him first, which would mean they have to deal with not only Chris Brown declaring “self-defense”, but actually counter-charging Rihanna with battery.

    So, basically, they either keep playing in the water @ Sean Combs’ house or they get into a really ugly and costly legal battle which is worth nothing, because in the end, they’re going to be together anyway.

    What choice does Rihanna have? Quit Chris Brown and then be mad at herself for the rest of her life while he has kids with some other chick?

  3. SUB"VERSE"SIVE says:

    i wish she would get a woman to woman talk from tina turner. or ruby dee ozzie davis widow.i wish i could speak to chris and tell him to focus on becoming a man.not protraying a man and doing it all wrong. then watch them both grow from this bad situation.we never graduate on the first day of school.they need time and lessons to learn.then situations to apply themselves.

    harry belafonte please mentour chris brown!men must be men again!save this boy

    ps.has anyone seen mark steward?

  4. Maryann says:

    @sub Yup the “fun” part was IF she was an alpha-we can’t call it yet—she is still very young but handled in a very adult fashion by the media. I wonder if it was Britney. When things happened with her it was more “emotional”…we’ll see. If Rihanna was Britney Spears….

  5. SUB"VERSE"SIVE says:

    rihanna a alpha? lol she a lil girl. shes and “alpha”bet. she just got her menastration down packed.not dealing with men.plus chris is a boy.aka her boy friend not her man.he aint a man to himself yet.they are entertainers role playing a lifestyle.violence and abuse is wrong.yet we all have a ima kick that ass moment! the i cant takes no mo’ feeling.for her to push his button is a fault on her.his putting forcefull hands and bitting a female is un called for.they are now being judged by us.not one of us are there jury.many more of us aint even there pears. but we want a say in there life.so talk on with limited facts and create your own fiction.

    no one gave any advise on how they could of dealt with this.if they went through it before, they seemed to not learn a better method to deal with there feelings.

    when a girl gets beat is she still the person she was before the beating?

    and when a boy fights his problems out or uses physical means to communicate his inner feelings.is he really getting his point across?

    young black and talented…turning into any adverage set of humans.wasting themselves away on clown shizznizzit

  6. Gladys says:

    I missed this one, but I want to comment anyway. I am not sure what to make of all the comments I have been reading. I think that the fame is too much pressure. For some people. It can cause people who would not ordinarily act irrational go crazy. Most of these folks loose touch with reality and act as if they are in the movies.

    I hope that the both of them get help, weather it is for anger management of self-esteem.

    I know that both Chris Brown and Rihanna have lost a lot of money because of this incident. Chris has lost his endrosement with Double mint gum and Rihanna has had to cancel some concerts. She may loose her Cover Girl deal, but that is not confirmed yet.

  7. Bree says:

    I had problems with my hands too when I was younger, and I grew out of it– I stopped responding with my hands–If I had called the cops on my boyfriend (who slapped me once when I was 18) or he call the cops when I attacked him in the street, we would be in jail and our futures destroyed for no good reason– Yes, this is serious, but keep their age in mind and not make this into an older versus younger thing– I agree that with all the characteristics of owning a situation and individual responsibility I’d like to see Rihanna own up to her own faults and stop worrying about a man.

  8. Nukirk says:

    Chances are, a man in his 30s would more likely to settle down w/ a woman than a man in his 20s. But a man in his 30s may date a woman in their early 20s for one reason… because the one in the 20s is not thinking of marriage immediately.

    Rihanna is probably not “Alpha”… hey, she’s not even anywhere near a person I would personally go after. She don’t stick to her guns (ditch the Caribbean flair for pop), I’m afraid the wind may pick her up, she seems too soft for my taste. Plus, I might actually hurt her with my lil’ solider…. even when he goes in with his umbrella-ella-ella… eh, eh, eh…

  9. Maryann says:

    Hi Sandy you raised some valid points. Do remember that this is a fun blog too…as for ur points

    Alphanista is about the “alpha female” perspective, mine. People respond can agree or disagree. I created the post about Rihanna if she were an alpha female, based on the alpha female points I made.

    You can find lots of scientific and biology related stuff to alpha females online, studies, and such, quite interesting and contradictory. Here’s something on the Harvard Business School Press website on alpha males, but mention alpha females http://www.changeboard.com/hrcircles/blogs/hrarticles/archive/2007/06/29/the-alpha-male-syndrome.aspx. With you being “feminist” you may find this appealing.

    Me suggesting an older man wouldn’t put up with Rihanna is just that simple. I don’t see what else needs to be clarified with that. Folks have age preferences yes and I was referring of course to an older, mature male.

    Not exactly sure what “backward ass logic” you mean. No one mentioned Beyonce as an alpha, in fact, I agree she isn’t based on her marketing.

    No one is championing violence, but questioning motive and cause. I think questioning here is valid given both reports. As far as “perspectives as these” being responsible for black women victimization and such, you are entitled to your opinion, but for comments as precise as yours, I was surprised to see such a generalization.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts as I am sure it’ll answer questions someone else may have.

  10. Maryann says:


    whether or not Rhianna is an alpha both relative and irrelevant in this particular situation….and since the alpha female description isn’t listed in Webster’s there seems to be some ambiguity as to who or what such status entails. If anything, her age may have been the problem

    wat is up with this assbackward logic: “she would be dating a much older man, take a cue from Beyonce. An older man who is settled and got too much to risk. On second thought, an older, settled man really can’t be bothered with that drama”….you can’t be serious…. older men brush aside women their age jus to date younger women because they deem them easier to control. Older dont deal with that strong independent female persona and make their authority (not usually violent tho) in the relationship as law from jumpstreet

    Moreover, one would beg to differ whether or not Beyonce was an alpha. There are many people, myself included, that find her to be a personality-less puppet only following directions given to her. From her interviews and other reports of chance encounters with Bey it seems that Jay-Z rules over her and their relationship. Is that an alpha? IMO, I think not. I’m a feminist but I have sense enough to know that men are physically stronger than women. Some women do have self-esteem issues but the majority dont choose to put themselves in abusive predicaments. If you are an avg size woman and some man has you cornered, unless you have a gun you are almost powerless. With perspectives such as this its no wonder BW have the highest rates of domestic violence AND sexual victimization. smh. sad.

  11. BW says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ALPHAsis. I work in the entertainment industry and it’s not hard to hear information on any celebrity from reliable sources even if you’re not in their “camps”, and this incident really isn’t the first time that they’ve both have “popped off”. What I don’t get is the judgment and the guilty stamp that’s been placed on CB’s head. I think it’s very irresponsible for us to think that it’s always the man’s fault. Isn’t that the problem in so many cases…..the RUSH to JUDGMENT?

    I remember a few times in my younger days I’ve been so emotionally destroyed with a boyfriend that I’ve thrown diamond rings in oceans, left desperate voice mails and played Inspector Gadget on a few occasions. I think we need the FACTS from both camps before we start crucifying him. I think him abusing her in any way is ABSOLUTELY WRONG and he needs to be checked but if she’s abused him in any way then she needs to be checked. My mother taught me not to go running up in man’s face and expecting him not to react. The fact is, he’s still a 19 yr old knucklehead so he’s not fully aware of how to deal with any of his emotions and neither is she.

    As far as Rih Rih goes, just keep it tight for a minute, get your feelings in check and please, please, please don’t do anything out of vengeance because that will creep up on you double time and you have a career that I’m sure you want to keep also. I know you’ve probably had second thoughts about your actions and 9 times out of 10 you will be back with him once this blows over. I feel for both parties and wish them well but I think a break will do them good.

    Sometimes when you move so fast you stink…God has a way of sitting that butt down!
    That’s just my .2 cents!

  12. Loving a bottom B says:

    LMAO but true. Also lets be real this is bad for business for both of them. This event will take money out of both of their pockets and effect their long term success as well as careers. No matter what happens you never *uck up your money or earning potential.

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