I Have A Problem With Unmarried Black Men…

Last night, I ran into a friend of mine who thought I had a problem with him. He had heard around town that I said bad things. Well, we cleared the air. He told me he thought I was mad at him because he is an “unmarried black man”. I cracked up. I certainly do not want to be mad about that! Or carry that burden because there are LOTS of unmarried black men, but with my whole marry your baby daddy platform, I understand the confusion. Then I thought about it. I guess it would be nice to see more married black men and women. But I certainly wouldn’t harbor negative feelings about one who is unmarried. So, what am I saying about myself? I’m unmarried right now. I feel indifferent about it. It’s something I get asked all the time because of the event. If I was married, I’d still get asked it! “So, Maryann you’re married with two kids and a house in the Hamptons, why do you care about baby mamas and daddies?” LOL.

Anyway, I don’t have problems with unmarrieds….I have a problem with married singles….[stopping here]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I never thought you had a problem with that. I think the media are just curious about why people do anything good. Shame.

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