I Don’t Owe Women Anything! II

Nola Darling, She's Gotta Have It
Nola Darling, She’s Gotta Have It

Wow, remember the drama with this one!? Enjoy!

By Guestblogger, Deja Moore

I don’t expect a bunch of women to agree with me.

I didn’t start this post to make friends, build alliances.  I know how women like to group together and agree with each other for safety and acceptance. I am not that woman.  I believe that every woman is for herself in this world.  We should help each other how we can, but when it comes to men, babies and family, I will start an all our war.

Remember that saying: All is fair in love and war.  That didn’t come out of a cereal box, it came from experience and real life.  You can go ahead and believe that watching your “sister’s” back is going to help you with karma or whatever, but that is not how the game of life is won.

Women need to prioritize and stop pleasing everyone, but themselves.

Why do I feel this way?  Am I lonely? Bitter?  I will take a woman’s man, I will date a friend’s ex, I will conspire to have the man I want.  So what?  My mother met my daddy this way.  They have been married for 27 years.  They are soulmates.

When she met him, he was already in a relationship, two months from his wedding.  His family really liked her, and she had a “chance” meeting with him before he walked down the aisle.  He called off the wedding, and married his soulmate.  Thank God, or I and my brothers and sisters wouldn’t be here!  As for that “other” woman, she found somebody too.

So, you see, nobody got hurt, nobody got the karma boogey man knocking on their door.  In some Carib and Hispanic cultures like mine (Panamanian) the women live like this everyday, and have no problem getting men. And I’m not talking about being the jump off, I’m talking about being THE woman in his life.

Now for your comments from last week.


No, I do not not.  I simply make myself available.  If they choose to partake, then the men will do so.  Love changes. He has a right to choose me.  No matter what.


I have several friends, not many though, and I rather keep it that way.  To be honest, if I had a bunch of girlfriends with fine men, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.  They’ll be lots of broken hearts.  I’m an assertive flirt.  The girls who hang with me now, know it.  I have no shame.  And their boyfriends are scared as hell of me.  Not surprised.  I lost friends, but there is more to gain.


Another bull crap excuse from women who try to explain my behavior.  My self esteem is high, too high.  Why else would I be doing this?  I believe in my power as a woman over a man, and I use it.  It doesn’t define me, because I am also educated, have my own company, house, and other assets.


No, he didn’t.


And the world turns.  Life moves on.  Sure, I’d be hurt.  But I move on.  Especially when I think every man is available.  Actually my boo boo right now is very conservative and he knows my ways.  He’s very protective and he does love me a “bit more”. That’s how it should be.  I chased him, he caught me.



And, I do have a man I’m in a long term, stable relationship with.  I met him through a “friend”.   And we are happy.

If you are reading this and are single, please stop punishing yourself that all the good men are taken.  They are not.  They are waiting for the next best thing.  Not all women can meet a single, available man at the job, at school, or at the party.   Women have power, and if we use it right we can have any man on this earth.  Just make sure you don’t tell your girlfriends who are like sheep.  Women hate women at the end of the day, and will never 100% have your best interests, only your mama most of the time.  The only way another woman would want you to be 100% happy, if she is 250% happy.  Is that real friendship?

Wake up.

Guestblogger Deja Moore is a mother, currently in a long term relationship, and owns a small business catering to mommies with newborns aka day care center.


  1. BrownBella says:

    You all are taking her words way too personal. Let’s be honest here, there are women like her that exists in every neighborhood, city, state and country. Nothing she is saying surprises me. This is her reality. If a woman like her has the ability to “steal” my man then he is better off with her. However, I do not think it’s empowering to know that you can have any man that you want while you are willingly playing the side chick for someone else’s man. I’m a woman that’s never had a problem of getting or keeping a man but I’ve never been a fan of sloppy seconds or diseases. To each it’s own.

  2. LorMarie says:

    Regarding your parents being soulmates, perhaps. But I have no doubt your father cheated on your mother probably throughout the marriage. Oh and bye, some children are conceived via rape and if it wasn’t for that (and a Mother’s decision not to abort) they would not be here. My point is just because we were conceived or born into certain circumstances doesn’t mean we have to promote them.

  3. Camilla says:

    I agree with Deja…closed mouths don’t get fed.

    While you are trying to play fair and do the right thing and be loyal to other women, they are stepping all over you and trashing your name and sabotaging your efforts to date and find a good man. I remember back in school all these people were trying to hook me up with this unnattractive, less desirable man, claiming they wanted to see me have a good man. I passed over him and went for a handsome, dashing alpha male and all hell broke loose. I was public enemy number 1 after that. Women tried to break us up, the same women who claimed they wanted to see me have a good man and get married and all that. Seen too much fakeness with women to put their needs before mine. I wouldn’t actively seek a man in a relationship but if he decides with his own free will that he prefers my company, and I enjoy his…then let the chips fall where they may.

    And a lot of these comments are not Alphanista-like in my opinion

  4. WhiteGirl says:

    And this is why whites still dominate everything in this country – because Latinos and Blacks are lauding themselves for creating broken homes and bastard children. It’s how we roll, esse! It’s ’cause I’m a sexy empowered Latina! I do what I waaant!”

    FYI, almost ALL middle aged Hispanic women are fat, fat, FAT. So you might want to get some real goals before you end up fat, friendless, and divorced, and raising your five kids and two of your bastard grandkids on a welfare check.

  5. Lauren says:

    I really hate to say this is true. Women vs. Women…….. If we really look out for each other, our power would really bring men to their knees……….

  6. K Dot says:

    #1 I’m a man
    # 2 I’m Caribbean (born and raised)
    # 3 I’m 28 and in a long term relationship (it’s actually my girl that mentioned this to me, I don’t run around ready female blogs lolol).

    First of all it’s really pause that I”m even on here. But i just had to comment. Deja is the kind of dumb chick that effs up Black and Latino homes. If there weren’t chicks with this kind of mentality, we would have a much stronger community. Take it from a young alpha male: if women each had higher standards and did not LET US get away with nonsense, we wouldn’t even try half the BS we get away with. So there is something to be said for women having non-negotiable criteria, if we knew we couldn’t pull it off and women wouldn’t stand for it, all of ya’ll would wind up being treated better across the board.

    At first, I kinda supported how human she was and that she was introspective, airing her ish out. Then, like a typical dumb chick, she proceeded to justify why she was doing what she does. And chicks like that appeal to a man’s natural instinct to get over if they can. A man is going to plunder if it’s made so very easy for him. But he won’t try that with every chick either! Only women like Deja lol. If men are “scared” of you, it’s NOT a good thing. It’s actually a repulsive for us. When we don’t want to try and are just looking for an easy score, we find chicks like this and then proceed to find a real woman elsewhere. It’s true, women have sexual power over us.” Men are kind of weak when it comes to sex and it’s a natural biological function that is very dominant in us, the need to reproduce. Which is why it’s so easy for us to have sex and move on. When a woman makes it that easy, we are always going to win every single time and just have our way then keep it moving. It’s an in and out. It’s always temporary. Then we move on to our real life. Not only that, but now as Black people, we have a different set of standards and the bullshit needs to get cut out. I hope someone like you doesn’t set their sites on Obama!!! Women like you don’t have enough respect for themselves or the men they lay themselves out there for to live up to community-wide standards…it’s time for allll of us to step it up. It may have been fun when i was like 24 but now Shit like this is just wack!

  7. babydoll says:

    ^^^ I am guessing that could be directed at me. Lol, if you have ever been on baller alert it is the same as any other website or blog with gossip and other madness, not neccesairly on how to catch a baller. You can learn from anyone and anything and form your own opinions from then on….You don’t know me, so I will let it pass.

    So, Deja knows what it is, when people read about people being arrogantly grimey, it hits a nerve because people have personally dealt with b*tches with these same tactics, so when you have a chance to tell a chick like that how you feel, that is exactly what is going to happen. She put her business out on the streets, so she is putting herself in a situation to get told off, that’s life.

  8. I Be That Chick! says:


    Don’t sweat what none of these women have to say. Some have valid points but if they had the answers, they wouldn’t be on ‘catch a baller’ websites. I commented on the BA website.

    They are acting like they don’t use these same tactics in other instances and areas of life. It may be on the job where they use power plays to get a promotion. In social circles for attention or jealousy, they may, at the right time and place and in the slickest way kill your reputation. For what? A personal need to be dominant, in control, just to prove that they are not having it? Knock off the holier-than-thou bull*

  9. EbonyLolita says:

    @ marie, @cayenne, @DCDivaCB, @empress20 *bowing gracefully* Thank you all for respecting and understanding my opinion. Never be afraid to speak up and out People 🙂

  10. empress20 says:

    I cant…I really cant with this! I had to read this in parts, make a run to the bank, come back home and read this over again and still this young lady does not make any sense whatsoever. I was really looking forward to reading something profound and this is what I get!!! Sweetheart you spent most of the post answering our comments made last week than explaining your reason for being a certified Temptress! Like I said thank God you aint my friend.. who are your friends by the way? Your something else. You remind me of dude who wrote that “Married women make the best girlfriends” foolishness (God I hope there is no part II to that). Most of us did not even ask you any questions. LOL! This is Jezibel talk right here! Hispanic and Panamanian women all over the world should be outraged; as a matter of fact, I will bring this up to my Panamanian friends at work, and I doubt they will be too excited about this. By the way Island men are not the only men that are notorious for having outside families, lets not go there please. This post isnt even about that. I was raised with morals and values by my mother who is an island woman and she would crucify me if she ever heard me speak like you.
    Your mother had a “chance” meeting with your father at least thats what you said, so if thats the case your mother didnt plot and scheme to get him, she simply made herself available and that, in no way makes them “soulmates”. If in the event she did scheme and plot to get your father the karma boogy man did get her because they separted and not only did they separate, he eventually went out and got a second family…Lawwwd Poopa, this is too much for me! Can you say All My Children!?! Why didnt your mother go out there and do the same thing that your father did to her? Why did she just sit and wait for him to come back? You see your mom remebered what she did the other woman and knew that that was good ole Karma in action. Sweetie, make up your mind you stay contradicting yourself on so many levels. Last week you used the word “Take” now you say “I simply make myself available”…hey if you like it, I love it! smh* I hope your “boo boo” knows that Loyalty is not at the top of your list of things to be so he better watch out he may not be THE man in your life!!! This is way too serious for you. You say that when it comes to “men, babies and families its an all out war”? Honey dont you see that there are some underlying issues here, dont fool yourself into thinking that what your family went through has no bearing on what your doing today. But I want everybody to see this; look at how you met your man, through a friend, as normal as can be. You never mentioned anything about scheming and plotting to get him so why are you writing about this. Go live your life and be happy in your long term relationship and stop giving women tips on how to be EVIL. Why are you making it so that we become “homewreckers” so to speak and take on other peoples’ problems?
    How sweet though, you try to give us single women advice at the end, isnt that something? Keep it though! I sure dont need it! Hmmm…maybe your next post should be “How to act like a pig and think like a pig”. You said that majority of the women who are upset over this post are single, naw they are married women and they will cut you!!! Like I said in my comment last week, you cant take anything! If a man wants to go he will go, no ifs ands or buts about it there is nothing special about you; no need to scheme or plot, no need of power, nothing. Heck.. you dont even have to make yourself available. Thats just the way men are, ask your daddy.
    Right now I am single so I am in no way threatened by this and tust me when I say I will deal with women like you when that time comes around.

    *EbonyLolita always says it so politely. I love her responses.

  11. DCDivaCB says:

    @ EbonyLolita… LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN!!!

    #1) Where are your boundaries and your respect? No one is saying go out of your way to befriend other women, but why be downright shady? There’s nothing wrong with flirting and being available but when you see the ring or the wife, move on to the next!
    #2) There are so many holes in your theory of being this super independent, on top of her game woman because regardless of how many tangible items you accumulate, there’s no real value with having someone to share it with. Hell, even your “friends” are in relationships with men that are scared of you. What type of friendship is that?
    #3) Around my way, you are what’s called “loose booty” because if a man gives you enough attention/money/etc, you will give up the booty. Most women like that have low self-esteem as a result of not receiving enough attention from daddy when they were growing up. Which goes back to the story of your dad leaving your mom to create another family. (think about it)
    #4) I think you are lost and lack so many important standards and values that the only thing I can be happy about is that you own the day care and don’t teach there! (thank goodness you aren’t passing that bullsh*t-ass thinking down the chain)
    #5) Married men already have a wife at home so the only thing their on the hunt for is new p*ssy which is probably your bait and I find it so sad when beautiful, talented young women put more emphasis on their p*ssy than they do their mind and heart.
    #6) Not all women think before they act and this will cause you to end up on the news, so you’d better watch your back.
    #7) I hope you get tested often.


  12. Cayenne says:

    I think your need to do a follow up post (and your anger at the responses you got) shows how truly insecure you are.This insecurity seems to be the foundation of your (weak) character and has shaped how you view other women and why you feel you dont owe them anything. If you truly didn’t care and didn’t crave acceptance this second blog wouldn’t exist.

    You pride yourself on the ability to “take” any man you please regardless of his relationship status… thats not an achievement, thats just a man taking advantage of an EXTREMELY EASY opportunity. Here’s a lesson on men for you: there are times when men don’t want to put effort into pursuing a worthwhile woman… when that time comes, you and your “all is fair in love and war” mindset serve him best.

    You said you view this “ability” as “power”. NEWS FLASH: This is a power that ALL women posess, but some have moral/ethical boundaries they choose not to cross. Just because you have the capability to perform an action doesnt mean you should exercise it out of respect for others. Mentioning this as a facet of carib culture doesn’t strengthen your argument… it just shows you are buying into “the herd” mentatlity to make yourself feel better about your actions.

    Women have a physical power over men, but men sometimes have an emotional power over us, hence women like you feeling powerful because you present yourself and he takes the bait. Women who aren’t insecure are usually pursued by a man, then she decides if he’s worth her time and it goes from there.Your mindset SCREAMS insecure.

    PS : If he hasnt put a ring on it and you haven’t pranced down that church aisle… YOU ARE STILL SINGLE

  13. EbonyLolita says:

    Hold on deh!!! Yes, I am single and quite proud of it Deja. Why?? Because I let the men that pursue me know that I will not be used as a one night pass or a jump/off/fling. You know what that forces them to do, STEP OFF!!! Now, I have been in serious relationships where I was “Their Woman” and you know what?? They F’d up and I kicked they lyin’ asses to the curb. Unlike you I’m holding out for quality vs quantity. Why, because I’m a QUALITY woman. I have career.assets/family/friends/vacation spots and the like. So, nuh badd siddown & tink seh that I’m some homely/lonely heffer that can’t get. I’ve always gotten and God will always provide for me and women like me. Most men claim they want me as their WOMAN but don’t provide me with the evidence that they are good enough to be my MAN. I won’t accept scraps of a man bc that is not what I’m offering so Yes, I”M SINGLE and until I find someone worthy of my time I will continue to be! Me… Bitter… Neva b.c despite bad experiences I still look for the good in ppl as a whole, especially my Brothas.

    “Thou shall not cast the 1st stone?” Girl, mine God strike you DOWN b.c even the Devil can quote the Bible for his own use. YOU put your lifestyle on here as an example of how other women should live. Stand by your words, but deep in your heart you know YOU’RE LIVING FOULER THAN A DIRTY TAMPON and now your back peddling. You joke about your “friends” knowing that they can’t leave their man around you like it’s a GirlScout merit badge. Once again proof that you validate your existence from attention form men and your “friends” insecurities. Anyman will look at any woman and probably bang her out too. That doesn’t make you THE WOMAN that makes you an AVAILABLE HOLE!
    Go siddown b4 u really mek me get Revelations on You b.c your a host of contradictions and a JOKE!!
    *Peace as I sip my wine and show my behind to this LowClass Skallywag*
    Love, EbonyLolita 🙂

  14. marie says:

    “I had to pause before I came back here because I didnt want to cuss somebody the hell out.”
    you’re an attention whore, if you really don’t owe women anything, then you wouldn’t keep coming back to check up on what we women are saying.
    and lol child, if you’re so secure, you wouldn’t have to preach a damn thing about how you’re “NOT” lonely, you would just know ….
    go back to “joking” with your “friends” about how your messy ass can’t stay off of a taken man.

  15. babydoll says:

    ^^^ Deja if you hate what is being said on here and almost had to cuss someone out, go to baller alert and see what they saying about ya. It’s a doozy. I’m just sayin….your shit stinks.

  16. Deja says:

    I had to pause before I came back here because I didnt want to cuss somebody the hell out. First of all, thou shall not cast the first stone. I bet 100% that most of the people who disagree are SINGLE women. I wonder why? You all made yourselves so bitter so perfect no man wants you. Why do I have to be lonely and sad? I am NOT lonely, I got my own, my booming business, and I sleep good at night. My friends even joke that they can’t leave their man around me. but NOW than I am in a relationship, all is well. I actually prefer available men, but if a man is taken, that doesn’t mean I have to act like I AM TOO!

  17. marie says:

    “*Deuces, signed Queen of the Sheeps that are walking in the Flock of Integrity*”
    Moses get me up offa dis flo!!!! Cuz the truth just knocked me ova lol

  18. marie says:

    DAMN you are one lonely, desperate ass woman who needs somebody (anybody) to listen to you, look at you, and mock you!!! if you are so aloof to the commentary of other women, then why have you taken the time to respond to the comments from last week?
    LMAO and you\’re just LAME

  19. Zabeth says:

    It seems like you want your cake and eat it too. You say that women are supposed to be supportive of each other in every OTHER aspect of their lives except love and men. Well my question is, if I can’t trust you with my man how can I trust you in any other area of my life- or with my children? And why should I be supportive and help another woman when she would stab me in the back- under the presumption that I’m holding her back. You want it both ways.

  20. ESTILO says:

    well…i have to agree 100% , men don’t get “taken” and women who espouse that theory i think need to feel validated by men’s reaction to them. a man leaves cuz he wants to, and if he doesn’t want to there is nothing on earth that can change that….men make their own decisions just like we do. however, life is unpredictable and u never know how ur gonna wind up meeting your mate. women should be open to possibilities and put themselves first, no doubt. but that doesn’t mean that we should be constantly on the prowl especially in ways that cause pain to others. it’s all about the intent in your heart and treating human beings like human beings…when it comes down to it, i don’t like drama and no penis is worth me looking for trouble. i don’t judge…also coming from a Latin and Caribbean background, it IS true that in our culture, many people think ANYTHING is “fair” when it comes to “love.” at the end of the day, i treat people how i would like to be treated…

  21. EbonyLolita says:

    OK now, so you make yourself available to other men. All while your supposed to be in a relationship yourself. Honey, you dazed and confused, OK *crosses hands and kissesteeth* Now, your an assertive flirt and you’ll even do so w/your friend’s mates. Why? Because your self esteem is lower then your morals. Your the type that looks for validation from other men at all costs. Your only making yourself available for sexual misuse. So, what happens when your friend’s man shows interest ehhh??? Hmmpfh they’ll just pump & dump you and possibly come crawling back to their woman or move on to a new victim. Where does that get you? As jaded as you were before.
    When your father left your mother to have his outside children *NEWSFLASH* He LEFT YOU!! He did not make himself emotionally available to you or your mother. So what if he called a few times or bought you toys. That is no replacement from having your father in the home w. you day & night supporting your mom so she doesn’t have any unnecessary burdens. Have a real heart to heart w. your mum. If they were truly soulmates I bet you her heart ached when she looked at you and your brothers while he was out doin’ what “Caribbean men do.” The best gift a man can give his children is to truly love their mother by being there on ALL levels. Not stepping in/out between families.

    Let’s continue…. Your man is sooo conservative that when the next woman steps in his path and might be a little younger/tighter/wilder then you YOU won’t expect it when he sails out the door. Whether it be for a night or forever. A close/good “friend” might be putting your words into action as I type this very reply.

    Finally, just b.c ppl do not agree with you does not make them SHEEP ,OK! Living a life with integrity should not be stomped on or degraded. Honey, I know Jesus is about to swing low on his chariot b/c too many people are moving far away from Morals and Values for real. You do not see that you sound bitter as hell and remind me of a friend who believes “If he ain’t married, he’s single.” At least she has a lil bit a morals fi left di married man alone. PPl like her and you like to set up bullish scenarios that all “women hat women at the end of the day and are not working 100% in your best interest.” This way of thinking helps you feel better about lowering your morale compass into thinking that what your doing is just fine. Your “get them b4 they get me” mentality is why your mother has the pain of dealing w. siblings that are probably the same age as you. If they were truly soulmates he NEVER would have done that b.c he wouldn’t want to bring pain and hurt to a family that he should have been 100% invested in. But, hey, life is life and now you can all be the Bloodclat Brady bunch
    *Deuces, signed Queen of the Sheeps that are walking in the Flock of Integrity*

  22. Kris says:

    This is a sad reality, but truth. My father was actually “taken” by a Carribean woman who (in the end) really didn’t love him. She did give us two boys, however when she got ready she split and left the boys with my father. I don’t blame her I blame him. Still love him though.

    I guess everyone takes a chance and hope that you get someone who truely loves you and is a faithful person. If another woman can take him from me, the let him go. I’ll get over it. I do place myself first before a man, but you gotta love them…lol.

  23. mavis says:

    I don’t understand why some of u are turning ur noses up at Deja. She nor anybody else can TAKE ur man. Ur man has free will, married or not, he’s going to do what he wnts to do. If he wants to be with u he will, if he chooses to leave he’s gone. Don’t blame the woman for a decision ur man makes. She made herself available to him that’s all! What he does with that availability isn’t her fault. Its not ur fault either…its just a decision that man made & it doesnt make u any more or less…its just what he decided.

  24. Deja says:

    @Zabeth, they were separated, my mama was wise enough to know he’d come back and that was over 15 years ago, they were young. They are soulmates. Thank God, my mama did what she did.

  25. Deja says:

    Simply speaking my mind because no one ever talks about this among women. This is what most women THINK like. Whether they admit it or not. I really am not trying to cause any drama, but believe there is a woman out there who this is helping.

  26. Zabeth says:

    First off I see nothing wrong with conspiring to attain an “available” man. But I guess we each have our own definition of available. I also don’t see anything wrong with dating a friend’s ex as long as you and your friend are cool with it and you’ve weighed the consequences of potentially losing a friend.

    You claim that you mother is your father’s wife BUT admit that he has an outside family and children with other women. Using your mother as an example and then making that claim blows your whole point out of the water.

    @THC, wow you called it- yet again. You seem to have an understanding of men and relationships that women just don’t get or don’t want to accept. Either way it’s enlightening and appreciated.

  27. Morris Chestnut says:

    It’s true. Women only find value in a man if another woman does.

    Be careful of who you’re coveting.

    (my captcha word is broad)

  28. babydoll says:

    You are something else….And I genuinely don’t care how other people live their lives, because how people live don’t affect my life. But this mentality is kind of horrible though.

    Love changes like you said, so is it ok for a woman, let’s say one of your moms friends just come in and take your father away from your mother. That is ok with you right? Because it is life right? But how do you tell your devastated mother that “All is fair in love and war, so move on” ?

    And THC is correct, island men are notorious for having multi families and not none of them will know about each other. So your parents might be soul mates, but if your mom has the same mentality as you, I bet you will be surprised how much shit she is dealing with to keep her man, and equally surprised all of the things she hasn’t told you and never will tell you to keep that relationship going.

    And how do you chase a man and then he catches you? That doesn’t really make sense. I look at things literally sometimes….

    Tread carefully lady. But I think that just as long as you’re not a snake about it, and up front about your views and honest, what can other people do? Just not deal with you, that’s all. Hey ,do you.

    As someone stated before, you are an attention whore though lol. You trying to write a book or something and need the pub?

  29. Deja says:

    What does me owning a daycare got to do with this? My father does have outside children when they were separated for a few years, and we all know them, and are a family, not a big deal. My mother didnt raise us to get caught up on the pettiness.

    Loves DOES happen in mysterious ways, and NO doesn’t mean my man is gonna leave me like his did his woman, my parents are a testament to that, no matter what my mother is the wife!

  30. With my primary partner, you really don’t need to conspire. I will gladly add you to the mix so we could all have twice the fun. And from what I understand about men, if you can easily take him from his spouse, girlfriend, or lover, then it will be just a matter of time before YOU become his “other woman”.

    And although the whole conquer and destroy routine worked for your parents; remember that even your dad can have his secret little whore on the side. And if you’re from the Islands like you claim, he probably has an entire FAMILY on the side. That’s real talk!

    (and she owns a Daycare)

    :::Shaking head:::

  31. tender says:

    You say there IS no karma, and yet you mentioned that if a woman takes YOUR man, you would be hurt. Well,what the hell do you call that? A coincidence? Wait. Now that I think about it….yeah, actually sometimes it IS just a coincidence. It’s not ALWAYS because you deserved it. Actually, someone once said just because you’re married doesn’t mean you’re suppose to be together. Love happens in mysterious ways. Everyone knows that. Since when did we start excluding some of these ways? Wouldn’t taking someone’s man & making it last forever be a perfect example?- lol- Look at Brad and Angelina. They seem happier than ever! Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade worked out. It seems to me like those two mirror each other.

  32. Roxy Rox says:

    Well, then! I guess you have all your bases covered…you own a DAY CARE CENTER, a cess pool of committed fathers, horrible….I feel so sorry for those mothers they have NO IDEA.

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