womenconfessI guess I opened the floodgates.

Here are the latest confessions.   Some couldn’t be published because it was just too much information, if you know what I mean.  Made me nauseous.  But goes to show you never know what others are hiding.  In the meantime, smile because all is well, or is it?

Just celebrated my 5th anniversary with my wife.   After that evening out, I left the house at 2am and didn’t come back home in 2 days.  Called her that I was at a friend’s house who had an emergency.  It was my other woman, we’re planning on being together finally.

I stole some money from the cash register at my job and I blamed it on a Mexican that just started.  Boss said one more time and he’s fired.

I had an abortion without my husband knowing and he always wanted kids.

I confess that I’ve been laid off for months, my daddy (my actual father) is paying my living expenses & I’m not really looking for a job. I feel like a 30yr old leech!

I have friends and hate every one of them, I just don’t want to be alone.

If you have a confession please keep it short and send it to confessions@alphanista.com.  Everything is anonymous.  We get lots of emails, so please be patient. Thank you for sharing your secrets!


  1. Sarystal says:

    Oooohh wee…the one about the Mexican is mean! lol

    Okay so you’re a fake friend, glad YOU know it….too bad your “friends” don’t. Maybe its time for new ones…open up your social circle…network…move on from them.

    The husband with the mistress story is a sad reality for a lot of marriages…i pray that the man i marry (one day) wouldn’t be so undercover…just let me know whats really up and I’ll act accordingly.

    But i’m not juding…hell i’ve got confessions of my own…smh

  2. tender says:

    Yea, I’m trippin’ off the first one more than anything. I always said I hope like hell my man would be man enough to tell me when sh!t goes sour between us and we can break it off through a mature conversation. I mean were adults for crying out loud! It’s not that damn hard! You want to leave for another woman? Fine. JUST TELL ME! Lemme stop for I go the f#ck off

  3. Zabeth says:

    @ The first one- if he were a real man, he would’ve manned up and told his wife the real deal. A freind’s emergency? Wife’s lucky to be rid of him…too bad for the mistress.

  4. Estilo says:

    girl…i don’t even WANNA know which ones were too bad to publish. yike! poor mexican 🙁 they always do the jobs the rest of people aren’t willing to do

  5. James says:

    Da mexican one is just funny mean but funny she cant confess and lose her job better someone else…

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