I Confess….

blackwomanLast week, Alphanista put out a call for anonymous confessions.

Many of you said that you are tired of posing like everything is so perfect in your life.  You just wanted to get something off your chest.  I have reason to believe what follows is true.  I  had to shorten some.  Everything is anonymous so these folks have nothing to lose! If you think your secret is bad, read on…

–About 4 months ago I slept with my sister’s husband. It was completely spontaneous but I’m pregnant now.  I will never let him know this is his child.

Caught an incurable STD from an affair, for weeks I’ve been telling my husband I have a headache, he’s not buying it anymore.  We made love for the first time last week, I just gave up…

–I drink excessively at home by myself every evening, I am a functional alcoholic and no one notices a thing.


–I hate my husband and my life;  I only got married because he wanted to; everyday I smile, but I am screaming inside, he’s in Iraq now and I hope he never comes back

If you have a confession, make it SHORT and send it to confessions@alphanista.com.  Shh….


  1. tender says:

    No one mentioned the one about the STD. Perhaps it popped out 2 me since that is ONE thing i fear about being in a relationship. WTF she mean she just gave up?! That bish was suppose 2 tell him! She said for WEEKS she been putting the sex on hold. That meant she had WEEKS to tell him the TRUTH! UGHH! i HATE selfish ppl!!

  2. Cruz says:

    wow, goes to show you never know what evil lurks in the minds of others, that last one was whoa!

    Confessions are confessions and we shouldn’t judge but the one who’s pregnant by her sister’s husband, what the hell is she gonna do if the baby ends up looking exactly like him?? Some genes are stronger than a mug, I should know, I look like my dad with a wig and boobs.

  3. babydoll says:

    That one about the sister and her husband seriously made my stomach hurt, like for real. So sad……

    Now the one with the hubbie in IRaq, thats F’d up! But I could see how someone can feel that way, I got empathy for her for real. Still wrong lol, but everyone has dark thoughts and feelings….

  4. DuEwa says:

    Wow, this just goes to show everyone has something they need to heal, some cross to bear. This is why I think churches and other spiritual organizations should have a time for anonymous confessions. People shouldn’t have to put up a front, that causes dishonesty and illness. Our churches, etc. should allow people to get things off of their hearts, minds and spirits. When you carry these secret burdens it can affect you, and people need support to know that it’s okay to make mistakes and that there is forgiveness. No one is perfect. When you get it off of your chest, that’s when the healing begins.

  5. Jamie says:

    These are also real life I have to admit (AND I AM NOT CONFESSING!) that I have thought about stripping, escorting, and doing the web cam thing when I was really broke. I dabbled. Every woman has a bad side. As for the one with the husband, that is well, damn!

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