Are You An UnderCover Fatchick?

Tyra Is One!
Tyra Is One!

By Guestblogger Raya Fagg

I hit a new milestone today: I was able to run a full two minutes without stopping.

For me this is great because:

A) I smoke.
B) My physical activity was limited to getting in and out of my car.
C) There were 5 buses full of eighth graders going to Hershey Park and anyone who is around kids know that teens are not kind.

My breakthrough comes courtesy of a motivating tape I found on Iamplify. The trainer asks why are you doing this?


I wish I could say the noble thing and claim I run because I want to be healthy.

The truth is I’m an Undercover Fat Chick.

As an UFC, I have the propensity to blow up if my weight isn’t kept in check. I’m not fat, thick yes, but not fat. However, I can go either way. Depending on the time of the month and what meal was featured on Food Network, I can look toned or like sausage casings.

As an UFC, I was once quite swollen. I could never find clothes my size therefore settling on what was left over. I stood in the back during pictures and was told constantly that I had a pretty face for a fat girl. A girdle and tummy control pantyhose were worn on a daily basis, and I have countless articles ripped from magazines about the next great diet. I would have a heck of a lot more money if I could take all my diet aids and pills back to the source.

I discovered yoga, which makes you more aware of a mind/body connection. Stress at work and a Nike+ sensor from the Mister had me walking. The weight began to melt from my body and I was looking good and feeling fine!

Then I got cocky.

I begin to eschew my walks, opting to stay snuggled in the bed. It was too much trouble to shoo the cats away from my yoga mat or ignore the kids while I sweated through a workout DVD. My inner Undercover Fat Girl begin to make a strong comeback, and I found myself staring at a pile of clothes that could no longer fit.

I make it a point to do some type of physical activity daily. It makes me feel good and I enjoy it. After many years I no longer struggle with my weight, deny myself treats and punish my body. I accept that I will never rail thin. I love food too much and I’m okay with that. I do accept that I am an Undercover Fat Chick and always will be.

It is what it is.

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  1. Maryann says:

    Though I can eat what I want and not gain much weight I still monitor myself. I enjoy food too much I am ALWAYS hungry. Its always good to know our bodies, guest blogger obviously does.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Why Tyra gotta be a fatchick? LOL…is Oprah one? I don’t think we should ever give up but you can’t be fighting yourself forever. Oprah seems happier now.

  3. Mishe says:

    Tyra is so crazy looking…anyway this post is me to a tee! Self acceptance while staying healthy.

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