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The Hustle to Habit exclusive audio collection includes:

Hustle to Habit I – How to Stop Hustling and Start Growing – Listen to practical strategies for introverted alpha females (yes, they exist, but need some primping), and how to be more decisive, vulnerable, develop the right mindset and order in your life, while you set your business up for success.   Award-winning Business Reinvention Expert, Marquesa Pettway, advises us on this and more, PLUS how to avoid self-sabotage.


Hustle to Habit II – This second part of the popular series includes Developing Productive Habits to Success.  You get a step-by-step action plan you can use TONIGHT to bust through mental blocks using a very popular, but controversial technique.  Lean how to develop reliable structure and routines to support you, too. Listen in as, Money Mindset Expert Kate Beeders, tells how she used it to build a thriving business.


Hustle to Habit III – Reinvent Your Career – For all you career alphas, Listen as Communications and HR Expert Paula Santonocito explains how to getting unstuck, plan a career makeover, and why dating at work isn’t such a bad idea.  Listen to honest, bold moves that you can quickly apply, and don’t worry, no resume talk here! We are talking real world strategies, not cookie-cutter dribble.


Finally, when you’ve tried it all…


Hustle to Habit IV – Mixing Business With Pleasure – Learn how to make powerful allies at work in a safe way while achieving what you need.  I break down how to use your Feminine Wiles To Enhance Your Work Life and get along with female bosses!

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