Hunting Tips For The Alphanista

womenhuntSo, you think I meant hunting for a man, huh?  Nope.

It’s hunting season for Alphanistas in the know.  There are Alphanistas all over the place.  And if you are one of those who live in a hunting area, now is the time to get it in before it gets too cold.   It’s something I’m particularly interested in since someone very special enjoys it.  Being women of complexity and intrigue, our hobbies go beyond.  Beyond what?  Beyond the fray.  Hunting is for those who seek novelty, are risk takers, and are easily bored by repetitive tasks.   Sounds kinda Alpha to me.

It also provides a great bonding experience with others.  With that said, below are some tips to make sure you don’t become the meat something takes home!  Yes, yes, yes.  I’m still talking about hunting. A male dominated sport, more groups of women are gathering in the woods to literally bring home the bacon. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Get Your Papers. You may need a license in your state.  Look into it.

Learn How To Shoot. Spend time at the gun range.  Experiment with different types of arms.  I shot a Glock last month at the range and don’t like it.  I’m still stuck on the rifle.  Choose a gun, and know it well.  Make sure it’s light enough to carry around.

Keep The Skinny Jeans At Home. Do not wear makeup for obvious reasons.  Choose a garment with lots of pockets for ammo and such, and keep your pants and shirts tucked in. There are all kinds of creatures in the woods who want to snack.

Don’t Go Alone. Even if you are a pro.  Anything can happen.  If not, who would watch your back?

Clean Up. Don’t live debris or junk food behind.  It’s disrespectful to other hunters and will keep animals away or bring them too close for comfort.

Survive. Even if it’s your 100th time, anything can happen.  Bring extra food, and water.  You never know when you’ll have the munchies.  But be conscious of the sounds you make when you eat like crunchy chips, and don’t make any sounds unnecessarily.  Know what to do when approached by large animals (and it’s not running!)

Go to The African American Hunting Association or Women Hunters if you’re curious.   Hunting brings out all kinds of womenfolk from different backgrounds and beliefs  so be prepared for an adventure!


  1. Maryann says:

    @Ms. Tee hey you gotta be prepared you never know when you’ll be in the woods with a rifle, and no food 😉
    @dania glad you noticed! gotta meet the demands, and ill be happy to come by for dinner after a good catch!

  2. dania says:

    Maryann your topics have me all over! LOL. I cannot tell when I read something about a hunting female or women who hunt. I live in the Lowcountry, and it is me, my husband, and our son. A couple of the wives and I have gotten together. I can’t say I got anything but I am learning; you are so right about the bonding experience. Camping is also great!

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