How To STOP Being An Alphanista

By Te-Erika Patterson

If you are an Alphanista who is just beginning to become aware of how to use your powers you may feel like you’re lost in wonderland.

You look around and you feel out of place in your surroundings, then again, you’ve always felt this way.  While you are undertaking the immense task of strengthening yourself internally and building your dream life you may become discouraged. You don’t understand why what you believe you deserve and what you are getting doesn’t quite match up.

You notice your friends who are of a different mindset and how they seem to be prospering. You ask yourself, “Are my standards too high?” “Do I want too much?” “Is it really possible to live the lifestyle I know I belong in?”

You wish you could be normal. You wish you could be average. You wish you could simply work a job and go home to your apartment and be happy. You can do that. You can stop being an Alphanista by following these four tips.

  • STOP thinking about beautiful things.
  • STOP expecting the best for your life.
  • STOP having such high standards for a mate.
  • STOP treating yourself well.

Once you commit to following these tips you are no longer an Alphanista.  You can now buy a black t-shirt and join the crowd of women who mindlessly float through life following trends and allowing others to dictate what they should want from life.

Happy now?

I think not. You can take all the action you want, but if you are a true Alpha, you will never get rid of the desire.

Keep moving forward. Your brightest future is on its way. Trust.

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    Well the list u wrote sounds like a woman who is mature & knows what she wants & is at the point where she is NOT afraid to put in work on the things that make HER happy.

    However, I take issue with your line “You wish you could be normal. You wish you could be average. You wish you could simply work a job and go home to your apartment and be happy. You can do that.”

    If a woman has chosen that THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^ is what will make her happy, working a job, going home to her apartment & being happy then what’s wrong with that!! That is power in itself. If you choose not to do that then THAT’S your power. Chile I dunno about these posts fr you *Te-Ericka* Your posts come off w/a tinge of elitism. I had a friend that since we were kids all she wanted was to be a GOOD mother and wife. That’s what she got & she’s happy. I wanted something a lil different. But b/c I want something different I’m not gonna shyt on her view of happiness for HERself!!
    Just a thought *TakeItorLeaveIt*

  2. ATLGirl73 says:

    I can’t tell you how right on time this is for me. God definitely delivers the messages we need when we need them.

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