How To Prepare For Your Future Obama

By Te-Erika Patterson

We are getting so many requests for our Most Eligible Bachelors, but are you ladies ready?

Whether you have to lead your future Obama to his place of prominence or serve him while he makes his ascension there are 4 key alpha female characteristics that you must draw from within yourself in order to shine by his side. There is no need to go out and read a book or take a class to acquire these traits. They already live within you. You simply need to wake them up.

Authenticity – Every leader has a woman by his side who is remarkable by her own standards.  She is a trendsetter in thought, style and spirit. Many women seek to imitate her because she has the audacity to be herself in every situation that she is in. Be authentic. Allow your REAL self to shine through. If someone is holding you to a standard, break the standard and be your TRUE self because he needs you to be.

Resourcefulness – Your future Obama will accomplish more in his life if he has a resourceful woman by his side. It’s okay if you can not juggle all the demands of life gracefully, no one expects you to. What is important is the fact that when a precarious situation presents itself, your mind immediately flows into problem solving mode so that you won’t need to burden him with every one of life’s little inconsistencies. Trust yourself. Look within for the answers. In every situation, you know just what to do.

Assertiveness – Being assertive does not mean being a bitch but it does mean recognizing who you are and what you like and don’t like. Your Future Obama will appreciate this. Being assertive requires that you become secure enough not to compromise too much on experiencing the life you believe you deserve. Know what you want and don’t want and never apologize for any of it. You can have, do and be anything that your heart desires as long as you are willing to take a stand and demand it from life. Never take less than what you feel you deserve and be bold enough to walk away empty handed rather than fill your knapsack with worthless trinkets so that you will have something to show. You can have what you want. You have all the tools necessary to create it. Go get it.

Flexibility – Being an alpha female of poise and power does not equal being rigid. Life’s ebbs and flows have a way of ironing out the wrinkles of even the best laid out plans and you should always be open to following where life leads you. Once you combine flexibility and poise you can surely turn the most harrowing situation into one that benefits you. If you aren’t elected president of the ladies’s club, become the social chair and be the best one ever. You have the keys to shine wherever you end up so do not be dismayed by circumstances or perceived failures. Be flexible. Look through any adverse situation and recognize the prize inside. It is there. It always is. Relax. As an alpha female, you do not have to control everything and everything does not have to go your way. Most times, when you let go, you immediately open the flood gates to receive more than you ever desired.

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