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Every girl should leave a mark in an original and memorable way upon the world.

Below is an excerpt of Alphanista’s newest ebook,  How To Do Almost Anything Like An Alphanista!

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Below is an excerpt…
How To Bond With A Man (p. 14/30)

Why would a woman want to bond with a man? To get him to commit sooner, of course. Once a man is bonded with you it is hard for him to leave. Actually, he will not want to because he’ll be programmed to believe you are soulmates. Once he believes that, he will treat you better and begin discussing your future together.

Bond with him by doing any of the following:

1) Repeat back what he tells you. Does he have a favorite phrase or saying? Say it! He’ll start to see you and him as one.

2) Let him dress you. Tell him you want to know what to wear. Make him pick out an outfit he likes.

3) Make him dependent on you. Take over a busy part of his life for him. Whether it’s driving, cooking, or managing his social calendar. Take over!

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