How To Deal With “Them” At Work


By Guest Blogger, Amoye

Whether you work in an office or in a store or out on a field or other, you will at some point in your life come across person or a group of people who are difficult to deal with.

Do you run and hide from this person? Do you tell your boss? Or do you access their ways and learn the appropriate way to respond? An Alphanista knows how to work her way around and over these people. She values her profession and its benefits and knows that nobody will get in the way of her objective. This is how she deals with….

i)    The Crank
– This person comes into work every single day with a frown on their face. They never find anything to be happy about and yes, to them it is imperative to let the world know that they’re unhappy. They have been following the same routine at work and in life for years. They are definitely not into change and innovation.

As an Alphanista, you are constantly evolving and growing, emotionally, psychologically, financially and professionally. You will come into direct opposition with a crank, because you are the antithesis of what they represent. You are their worst enemy. Work your way around this type of personality by slowly enforcing transformations. Avoid drastic confrontations by not arguing with these types of people. Don’t acknowledge their negativity; instead react with positive and constructive actions. This will tire them out and eventually they will have no other choice but to go with the flow.

ii)    The Sniper – This is the type of associate that is always UP in your face. You could swear on your life they’re a part-time spy. They like to subordinate colleagues through utilizing terrorist-like tactics to prove a point. They often comment about work ethic and office rules and regulations since they believe that they are some type of rule enforcer. These personalities are experts at making sneak attacks in sometimes but not always subtle ways. “Oh I noticed you came in a couple minutes late for work this morning and left 3 minutes earlier yesterday afternoon. You do realize you’re stealing company time right?” These are the types of people who spend their days observing and studying the moves of other employees. They use sarcastic tones of voice, critical glares and sometimes secretly go to your boss to tattle tale.

They may be extremely intimidating but an Alpha will not let them win. She is friendly to these types, yet never trusts them. She ignores their provoking but knows that there will be a point when she has to address them.  To deal with this person, she catches them at a vulnerable point. In a firm, but neutral tone she says something like; “So ______, since you spend so much time observing others, when do you actually have the time to do your own work? Do you realize that you’re taking company time out to be an employee watch guard? I don’t believe that’s apart of the budget. Do you?” She then walks away swiftly and leaves them to question themselves.

iii)  The Busybody
The busybody is probably the most popular person at work.  They are also the most avoided. They have the dish on what’s going on with whose marriage. They always know who’s sleeping with who, who got a promotion because of this or that. They are known and sometimes loved for their mouth but also feared for their ears. Avoid telling this person anything! They will spread your info around faster than H1N1. The busybody will gossip about others for a myriad of diverse reasons. Some have issues with acceptance, and their own esteem, some are just really hopeless people with no life. The busybody usually loves talking about their own lives as well. They may come around to your desk and want to share with you, but they are not good for you.

An Alphanista will manage to grab bits or pieces of information from them, and use it to her advantage. Be strategic by listening and never sharing. She finds out which positions are going to become available, which employees may be terminated, who may be for or against her. She remains on the busybody’s good side by being polite and forthcoming, but never too open.

iv) The Lethargic

The lethargic employee is also another employee that every workplace in some shape or form has the joy of employing. You probably get really annoyed by this employee because they are hella lazy.  They never hand work in on time. And when they do, the work is rushed, fragmented, filled with grammar errors or just plain old insufficient. The lethargic loves to take a lot of effort for work that they never really contribute to.

An Alphanista learns from this type of person by figuring out a way to strengthening their work load. At times she may even have to confront them about their sluggish ways. Hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

An Alphanista overcomes workplace obstacles because she is always professional. She may think it, but she never display a malicious undertone in her approach to people. She is often open to suggestions and ideas. Remember every workplace will have drama. You cannot avoid it. There is no such thing as a drama-free work environment, that is unless you work for yourself. The fact that there will be multiple personalities and perspectives that you’ll have to learn to work with is a given. The trick is to learn how to modify yourself/reactions and grasp the ability to cope with whatever situation you’re placed in.

Guest Blogger Amoye is a writer and thinker from Toronto Canada. She doesn’t care too much for fancy titles, but is also a recent university graduate, artist and entrepreneur.

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  1. Drew says:

    Yes well done, I dont pay no mind to any of these people in the work environment. Great way of putting in a women’s state of mind.

  2. hiphopmuse says:

    These are great tips on dealing with certain personality types in the office. Unfortunately sometimes the sniper and the busybody are your boss, making it difficult to make them back off without jeopardizing your situation.

    Another type I often see in the workplace are the diet saboteurs, who always bring in sweets and snacks, and coordinate weekly/monthly office potlucks. When you decline their offer of food, they INSIST that you take some and won’t have it any other way!

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