How To Be An Alpha Female: The Romantic Dinner

You didn’t think we’d end with pre-dinner cocktails?

It’s time for dinner.  But not just any, but a “romantic” dinner.  You’ve had the power breakfast, luxuriated at the spa, had something to sip on, now it’s time to get to the fun part.  Ideally, it would start around 9pm, when the “other” guests have left to get ready for their bedtime.  The restaurant doesn’t close until 2am anyway.  It’s a hot spot.  Somewhere in NYC’s Meatpacking District and has received rave reviews from insiders.  It’s not even “listed” but you are on the list.  Now, this romantic dinner doesn’t have to be romantic with a man.  You can have a romantic dinner alone, or with another woman.  You can invite an acquaintance who knows how to unwind and relax, and talk about dreams, wishlists, and aspirations. It’s all a dream anyway.  Isn’t life?  You don’t want to eat with anyone who’s a drag especially this time of night.

The “romance” is in the ambiance, the delicate, soft lights that dance around the room and the faces that it touches.  It’s in the quiet hum of the place, and the clink of glasses, and the shimmer of champagne.  It’s The Ritz in Paris at midnight, lit like a jewel.

This is your “romantic” dinner.  It’s not just about the food, but what happens over the meal.  Enjoy.

Your car is waiting outside.



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