How To Be An Alpha Female: The Power Breakfast

Have you taken a look at your life , lately?

Look now.  There’s something missing.  You have the same degree, personal qualities, professional experience as the next girl but you are the one earning less money, going home alone, and haven’t had a breakthrough in your career or personal life in years.  There’s a reason why this has happened.  Why “that” girl who is so much like you in appearance, but is really not.

Let’s name her Eve.  Though it may seem like you two are the same, Eve has a different routine.  Nothing outlandish, but there is one thing she does a few times a month.  On a typical business morning when you are on the train, sweating and squashed like a sardine, or in traffic waiting for others to move, or hitting the snooze on the alarm, Eve is having a power breakfast at a posh hotel with movers and shakers in your city.  Eve didn’t know these people, but she created them.  She created her own Inner Circle of like minds who she meets with and exchanges ideas, information, and resources to rule the world, or at least, her corner of it.  This is how Eve starts her day.

The power breakfast started back in the 1970s with businessmen who wanted to squeeze in a meeting before the start of the business day.  Every major city has a spot.  When you walk into it, you’ll see power breakfasts sprinkled all over, usually between 7-9am.   Chicago’s Four Seasons is a go-to place, and so is New York’s Le Parker Meridien and their $1000 frittatas (if it’s still on the menu).  But you don’t have to spend big bucks to eat with power brokers.  You can get your circle together at a nearby diner in any business district.  Reach out to someone successful you’ve met and invite them to breakfast.

Next time, you see Eve instead of wondering what she has that you don’t, introduce yourself.  You may get a seat at the table.

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