How To Be An Alpha Female: The Pain

Here’s the difference between being dead or alive: the ability to feel pain.

Unfortunately, there are some sociopathic types that feel no pain, no real joy, and use obsessive-compulsive addictions to “feel” anything.  When you feel pain–hurt, anger, rage, sorrow, disappointment, longing, etc–you are alive.  It’s uncomfortable.  Sometimes, the pain doesn’t leave right away.  Or it leaves for a few days, and comes back.   Normally, we are taught to suffocate the pain, drown it out, repress, suppress and make it disappear.  And you can do that.  In fact, you’re probably already doing that.  Maybe that is why you are in the same rut, having the same experience you had years ago–yes?

An alpha female welcomes the pain.  She listens to it.  She asks “it” questions.  She knows that this is just another thing that makes up who she is.   And then the feeling passes.  She doesn’t have to sit with ruminating thoughts for hours, even days.  The pain comes, she may invite it for tea, and let it expand inside her.   No reaching for the phone, computer, or flipping the channels.  If you sit still with it long enough, look at it, without joining it, you will notice that it passes.   And then comes another thought, a phone call, or something to move you along to another experience.

Once you get used to doing this, you’ll experience a sense of freedom you never have before.

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