How To Arrange Your Life

womanlife2So, I came across this article by Sophie Lhoste called What I Love About Energy Healing, the other day and it completely moved me.

Can you arrange your life?  Or re-arrange?

Folks complain about their current circumstances, and with all the recent quick deaths in the news, it makes you realize how transient life can be.  You might as well enjoy it while you here.  With you, being at the center of it, of course.  Arranging your life would be very much like a creating a recipe.  You know the taste and flavors you want.  It’s all about finding the right ingredients, applying the exact amounts, and voila!  Better yet, it can be like arranging furniture in your living room, until it “feels” right.

Below are some tips from the article:

1) Change locations if need be. Surround yourself with easy, country living or fast paced, city living.  Find out where you flourish.  If you like small circles of friends and people you know, then nourish yourself by living in the “right” place.

2)  Take a look at your surroundings. Do you look at the window and see something you love?  I live in Brooklyn, but I can see nothing but green around me because I am attached to a church’s backyard.  I call it my “garden”.   Do you like taking the train?  Driving to work?  What can you do to make your day, easier, smoother?

3)  Consider what you are giving to others. Even if it’s as small as advice or a hug, plant your seeds by doing something for someone else.  Even if it’s taking out the trash or picking up the mail.  That’s all good energy!

4) Control the social media you utilize. Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, create an online world that is conducive to how you think and want to feel.  Make sure your online community reflects the kind of people who can provide support and love, while keeping things interesting.  You don’t want to “fight” online or “ignore” folks that you can simply delete.

5)  Learn to let things (and people) go. When you hold on to grudges, life gets lonely and complicated.  Find those around you who you may be harboring things against.  Say a silent prayer to them, send them light, then bye bye.  Keep things in your world with others as peaceful as possible.

Bear in mind, that life is a constant re-arranging of things until you simply just accept, receive and surrender.

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  1. Thank you so much MaryAnn! This is a huge compliment coming from such an accomplished writer and a powerful purposeful woman as you. You are typical of the amazing people I meet on Twitter! xoxoxo

  2. Missingpieces says:

    Great advice here. Especially points 3 through 5, they are the truth! I’m definitely working on #5 in my life RIGHT NOW! I think that is one of the hardest lessons in life to learn; some people are only with us for a season others for a lifetime, be it positive or negative. You have to learn when to let go, live and let live and most importantly, forgive others as well as ourselves.

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