Her MilkShake Can’t Keep All The Boys In the Yard

Oh Well
Oh Well

This is a sad, sad day.  But what’s an alphanista to do?

Rumors had it that Kelis was cheating on Nas.  Yes, women can cheat, too.  But to divorce a man while you’re pregnant is like WTF?  This only leads me to believe that this marriage was over from a while ago and no one had the gall to make the first move.  But what do I know?

I do know that Kelis is an alphanista gone all wrong.  Nas is an alpha male, she may have been too hot to trot for him in the long run.  An alpha male likes to subdue, but if you are subdued for him, and a hot toddy for everyone else, there’s a problem Alice.  With a powerful or well-connected man like Nas you can do big things.   Her style of dress is unique she could have came up with a clothing like everyone else or a line of colorful wigs.

An alphanista would make sure she and her husband get more money.  It took them 6 years to make a baby.   Another odd decision, it’s not like their careers were so hot and heavy they couldn’t take a break.  The proper way to handle this would have been to get preggers in the first few months, start a business, come up with an album or two, buy a home in Italy (or Africa  if you watched “Belly“) and mind your damn business.   That’s what the Carters do. They mind their damn business–the music, the money.  That’s what it’s about.  Their private lives are theirs alone.  We knew way to much about Kelis and Nas.

Like a true alphanista, I hope Kelis will not be predictable about all of this and do the interviews and stir any drama.   If she’s smart, she’ll opt for an amicable divorce, give him all the child visitation or custody that he wishes, and keep a good relationship.  Nas is somebody, Kelis is still out there.   This could have been considered a major coup for them both, but sometimes that fire of excitement and love an alphanista can light in a man is the same fire that will put  it out.

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    @maryann Yup. See women don’t look at the past to save em from the mistakes in the present and future. No mi dear….once the writings on the wall READ IT and plan accordingly 🙂

  2. EbonyLolita says:

    I was disappointed to hear about this. They appeared to be a Creative match made in Heaven. Hmmmm… wonder if the rumors are true. Anywho, shame bout the baby I believe that that conception was a “bridge baby”. You know to help build a bridge from the problems. I constantly tell ppl that bridge babies never work. As expected the divorce followed shortly after conception. Sad 🙁

  3. DawleyPardon says:

    Well, it is clear, Nas is meant to be my man.
    *pulls hair in a ponytail, rub Vaseline on and put up the dukes*
    Just kidding. But yeah, Nas use to put hands on Carmen Bryan. Could he have done the same thing to Kelis?

  4. Jodie says:

    Nas may be alpha, but Kelis is not an alphanista, or like you said, not a good acting kind. She is a hot mess. LOL. I woulda been got knocked by Nas on honeymoon night. That woulda slowed their *sses down alot.

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