He Said/She Said: Your Side of the Story


This one is probably one of the more crazier stories.

Is it a case of DL LOVE gone wrong?  Or just a woman controlled by jealousy?

You figure out who won this game.  Whose side are you on?  Not as simple as it sounds.


Millie Campbell, Northern NJ, 27, unemployed

I just broke off my engagement.  I still don’t know WTF happened!  As soon as we got engaged, he started working longer hours on the weekend.  I did not hear from him on the weekends, anymore.  I figured more work, more money.  Why should I complain?  I moved into HIS house, decorated it, answered his phone and all of that, but he was not at home on weekends.  Fine!  Then it occurred to me that he had an ex who lived out of state.  I called her one day, and she told me she has no idea what I am talking about.  I asked Rick, he called me crazy.  Now, I was just trying to find out to be nosy, but I did not want to get kicked out and have our relationship ruined.  I didn’t want to press those buttons.

Low and behold!  I see photos in his drawer of a male prostitute!  How do I know this man is a prostitute?  Well, because he was sprawled out on a bed ass, balls, and legs everywhere!  And at the bottom was his phone number.  It looked like a business card for whores.  Male whores.  I just broke down.  Why did he hide this from me?!  We could have discussed this!  When i bought it to his attention, he threw me out.  God, I am shaking as I write this.  I called the other day, and that WHORE picked up the phone.  All slick and slow, “Heeelllllloooo.”  I hung up!  I need to know what the deal is. I got clothes over there and I will sue his ass!

Andre Lewis, (rather not disclose location) 27, warehouse worker

A lying, crazy, desperate wench.  That’s Millicent.  Girl did not stop until she found something.  The photo that she described well that is not mine.  It belong to my boy as in best friend from college but we are no longer best friends.  He moved to NJ from LA.  He needed a place to crash.   Let his stuff some time ago and I just put it in my drawer not even thinking like just cleaning up and stuff.  Anyway he came back in town and that is when Millie called.  Of course I kicked her out.  Accusing me of gay?  Yeah, ok.  Whatever.  That is my boy.  I would never let a woman, furthermore, a woman who don’t have nothing in her name, degrade me.  Bump that.   Im not interested in getting back with Millie and I should of taken my time at hollering at her fast ass.  I’m done.

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  1. tinkabell says:

    Telling from his choice of words, reaction, and everyone is forgetting the fact that his lover answered the phone when she called home….HE’S AS GAY AS BRUNO!!!!!!!!!! If a man is secure with his sexuality, he wouldn’y become so defensive and the whole “my friend” story is the oldest excuse in the book.
    Now homegirl could have chosen a more tactful way to confront him without initially accusing him and she could have made him tell on himself….

  2. Yeah, that was just a little toooooooo convenient.

    I have TONS of homosexual friends, both out and DL, and the DL ones will go to great lengths to hide their sexual orientation. And the gay ones that are out wouldn’t even get involved sexually with a woman, let alone be engaged.

    Even bisexual men are a little more considerate than to leave their Man-whore adverts lying around.

    Dude was tryin to get rid of this chick….

  3. If you ask me, it sounds like he planted those pictures for her to find.

    He was ready to get rid of her, and what faster way to do it than to have a woman think your Gay.

    That’s game!

    Bravo Andre

  4. EbonyLolita says:

    WTH is a nekkid man’s battyfish doing in a grown man’s drawer whose ,ALLEGEDLY, supposed to be straight. Now, had you not found the pics I would have figured that he was working extra hours in order to help pay for the wedding that the two of you should have been planning. Moving in w/ a man & getting a ring means NADA if you’re both not preparing for the actual wedding date. But, the pic meks me real NERVOUS. Honestly, for him to kick you out so quick makes me feel that there was a lil truth in his sexuality. It sounds like he didn’t even give you time to save up a little, find a new place and move on. It seems like once you “Outed” him you had to get the F Out. *sideeye* I say that you never trusted him along, for some reason, and it wouldn’t have worked either way. Get a full physical, included STD/AIDS test, pray and move on with your life honey. It is what it is.

    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  5. Jubilance says:

    I call shenanigans.

    His reaction to being called gay was way over the top, which is normally an indicator of a closeted gay man (cause he’s overcompensating).

    Not to mention, who really keeps a pic of a butt ass naked man in the drawer? He’s saying that he threw his friends stuff in his drawer and never opened it? Who does that? My friends crap would have been in a box, not in one of my drawers.

    I say that everybody won…Millie can leave that situation alone and Andre and his boo can go about they business.

  6. GOLDIE says:

    how do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone and not want to hear from them on the weekends, let alone not answer on the weekends either. oh he was hiding something. and if he was so disgusted with being called gay then his ass would have thrown out that spread eagle call boy. lol. men these days dont think before they speak. Men are so scared to not be called gay that they will avoid issues like that if they can. you dont just keep “gay” postcards. smdh

    anyhoo. he is so wrong for that. but so is she for moving in with him before marriage. She let him know where she is at all times. She made her life his. We should never revolve our lives around a man. those days are long gone and guess what… We have rights now. we CAN work. so her should have been busy doing her own thing and he should have been vying for her attention. even after they were engaged.

  7. Zabeth says:

    I say Millie won. RUN girl!

    I don’t think she sought to find something out. Women’s intuition is no joke and she noticed a change in his behavior. There are plenty of gay men out there who are married and who have children with women; so him wanting to marry her means nothing.

    I’m not buying Andre’s story. Pictures of a naked man in his drawer. Claiming they’re his “friend’s” pictures. Then this friend is suddenly back in town. C’mon. Please. And why is he so quick to dump her? If it weren’t true and he really loved and wanted to be with her, I don’t think he’d be so quick to dismiss her. I’d think he’d want to confront the issue.

  8. Heather says:

    How do you she’s black? I believe Andre. He wins. He engaged to her that means something. I doubt he is hiding.

  9. The One says:

    Black women are just so obsessed with this DL undercover lover thing. Enough to scare a good man away. It’s silly. They are silly. Shame.

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