He Said/She Said Game: Your Side Of The Story

hesaidshesaidThis is a 2-1 post.

It’s an update to Advice: My Man Is Trying To Leave Me.   To make long story short, Nishay contacted me right after about using it for He Said/She Said because she was still very confused and needed some insight.  Read below for more. She sent me her email, then gave me his.  And to our surprise, he answered!  (If you have a story, email me for guidelines, but understand very few get answered, so be patient)

I also normally post career or job titles to give you  more insight on the person, but for some reason these two didn’t provide.

So, who do you think won this game?  (Names changed)


SHE SAID, early 30s

Right now I am living back at my sister’s place since  *Steve and I broke up.

I didn’t even bother telling him just packed my bags and bounced one night he was out.  Like I said, in the letter I wrote you we was together for like a year.   We started off like anybody else going out, shopping, and getting to know each other.  We did alot of group stuff and I met his friends…. One of his friends was this female that he wanted us to do a threesome with.  I had never done that before.  But I was like whatever, we already had had sex and been together for a few months.  So, we do it, and I’m thinking that this girl is just a friend come to find out it’s someone he had sexed before.  Yeah, I found out in the bed when she was “I know how you like it” to him.  Now I ain’t one to mess up a wet dream so I went with the flow and kept going.

After that happened the sex between us was great but he wanted more.   There was a dude that came in the picture.  I told him I wasn’t down with that and another man it was too much.  But we was all drinking one night and it happened, it was incredible….   I did notice though that Steve and this dude touched several times like they seemed really comfy, now I know things get sloppy in these moments but they were looking at each other strange.  When I asked Steve later, he said I was drunk WTF do I know?  So I ignored it and kept it moving.  But about three months later in our 6 month he asked me about breast implants….I had always like my breasts, but he wanted them bigger.  He offered to pay for them, too.  So, I was like why not?  I did it for him. I thought it would get us closer and give him some new toys to play with.   But after several weeks since I got them, I noticed he had been calling me less.  Titties hard and hurting because of the pain, I was pissed and this man was nowhere to be found when I needed him!   I even think the place he took me to was botched!  My breasts look better now but I never feel right about them anymore….

I really need to know why he did this?  I feel like I was used.  All I was doing was trying to be the cooperative, good girlfriend who loves her man.  I know Steve got some skeletons in his closet but I didnt go there, I loved him. I really did.  I would have never done this for anyone else…. I still hope we can talk.


HE SAID, early 30s

I met *Nishay at a strip club.  Nuff said.

But if you insist, let me tell you a few more things.  These “group” dates she’s ‘tam bout happened at the strip club.  She was eying my ex chick who is a bartender, and asked about her.  So we all down for that one night, knowamean?  But my ex chick and I is mad close we been through alot so I got love for her still but not on no commitment sh*t.    I dunno about not doing no threesome before, Nishay was a pro let me just say she didn’t need a lot of convincing to do what she did.   She dominated that whole night.  Next, she kept asking me about my boy who came thru one day in his hot BMW chromed out whip.  She saw that and liked it.  Asked me about him.  So, we did the three again.   This whole thing about he and I touching.  Let me explain.

I told Nishay that I was into some other sh*sh.   I’m very upfront with the ladies because they would never suspect anything about me.  I tell it like it is.  Nishay knew I went both ways.  I don’t do it all the time, but I have in the past.  Nishay knew all about that.  Most of my friends do.  That’s just me.  Nishay was cool because she’s bi, too.  I got her the implants because we was having some beef about some other stuff and I wanted to make it up to her.  She said she hated her breasts….Nishay been trying to save for implants for like 5 years.   I got them for her, but when she found out that it was the same place my ex got hers done at, she flipped ‘tam ’bout how I messed her up by sending her to a cheap place….I ain’t got no skeletons everybody know me.  I didn’t love her.  Sorry, if she did.  She was a cool chick to have fun with.  Do some things with.  I love myself.  One love.  (By the way, she owe me half on the celly bill)


  1. Goldie says:

    This man is ridiculous. she is ignorant too, but “tam” what the hell is “tam” are referreing to the word”talking”
    lawd ave mercy!
    I don’t understand these women. They bump into these weird, homo thugs and expect heaven with sugar dumplings laced within.

    not all GIRLFRIEND. LMAO!!!! lolololollol

  2. Leslie says:

    WOW! This whole situation is a bit much for me but I think Steve won out. He paid for every situation they ended up in and she gladly accepted the perks.

  3. marie says:

    any man in his early thirties that is breaking his neck to sound illiterate earns a priceless side eye from me.
    SMH at all this *uckery.

  4. Sherryberry says:

    Wow, I’m sorry but Nishay really got it twisted. This man is a narcissistic prick who didn’t give a damn about her feelings. However, she had to have seen the signs, threesomes with two guys, come on! That is beyond drawing the line. I think Nishay just wasn’t thinking, she doesn’t love herself- when she decided to grow a back bone it was too late, so what she moved out- he moved on long before then. This whole post was just a car wreck and most of the damage will be with Nishay- this guy already has a replacement toy and has no interest in really being in a committed relationship with a woman. Personally, I think he is a latent homosexual.

    On an honest note, I dated a guy who was openly bi, one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my life. He was all over the place and yes, he wanted threesomes but I wasn’t going for it. There was no commitment no nothing, so I stopped calling him. It hurts to have guys treat you as their sexual play things and not only move on with someone else but not even another female? Oh, no! I wasn’t gonna let that happen to me. What Nishay went through is my worse fear- I will be even more cautious now, unfortunately.

  5. Zabeth says:

    What? Wow! To summarize:

    *Nishay was a jump off who thought she was the number one.

    Steve does not sound all that articulate or intelligent. Let’s also not forget what he could’ve possibly exposed her to. Stop wasting your time.

    I don’t know how it all got confused between these 2 but, apparently someone wasn’t communicating or, someone just plain wasn’t listening.

  6. cypher says:

    I’m a little queasy that she would continue to sex him knowing he got down with men, but who am I to say anything? But I think he’s telling the truth…

    But she got this all mixed up-they both were exploring fantasies and she got sprung, thinking that a man would want to wife her after sharing her with men AND women. That’s usually done AFTER marriage to spice things up…ain’t no man bringing a woman home to Mom and Dad knowing she just went down on his man 24 hours ago! Not happenin’!

    She needs to go to the clinic, stat!

  7. B says:

    I only believe him because aint no dude gonna come out and just say he is bi and lie about everything else. Probably some truth to both but I would go with Steve.

  8. Loving a bottom B says:

    LMAO. This made my day. She was a jump off and he was more then willing to let her jump. This is the first time I heard a dude being straight up and admitting he is bi.

  9. Mona says:

    It is so sad to see women go against women like this. To me Nishay is the victim here. She was lied to, misled, and probably manipulated about the breast implants. It was probably a big joke for that bastard she was with. Nishay WON. I say so because she freed herself willingly from this man who wasn\’t man enough to tell her it was over when it was over.

  10. babydoll says:

    She should of known that he didn’t love her, I will give you clue # 1& 2; a man that doesn’t mind you having sex in front of him with a chick, might like you, but when u f*ck another dude?!? HE DON’T LOVE YOU!!! point blank. I am sorry, men are freaks, but when it comes to the girl they love having sex with another man in front of him, a real man would rather kill himself.

    Ol’ girl just caught up in her feelings of lust thinking its love, she will get over it.

  11. Kim says:

    I believe Steve is being somewhat real because with all of the threesomes going on, I cannot see how anybody was in love with anybody. When that goes down, it is just what it is, SEX. Nishay is basing all of her experiences on “love” and that’s crazy. She took it beyond “pleasing your man”. She did what she wanted to do and got some boobs in the process an if that was the case, she shoulda got the money for the boobs instead of the boobs and kept it moving.

  12. Jubilance says:

    Well damn, talk about having two very different sides of the story!

    It sounds like there was a lack of communication between the two, or perhaps Nishay has concocted this elaborate fantasy in her head. Chicks are known for doing that, desperately trying to believe that they are the wife when in reality they are jumpoff #3.

    Sounds like moving on is the best thing at this point. Next time maybe she will keep her eyes open and stay out of fantasyland.

  13. Shannon says:

    BWAAHA! I go with Steve but I do not think he was being completely honest about the breast implants. Does he have a 2 for 1 coupon for the plastic “surgeon”? Girl needs to get those removed immediately!

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