Give It Some Head Action


Some days I wake up so clear thinking and focused, it’s refreshing.

I have solutions to problems and I know for sure what to do!  We always think of those moments like “lightbulb” or “aha” moments.  But your brain or your subsconscious mind, depends how you look at it, is working for you to fix the issue.  Even when you forget about it.

A few of us got together this weekend and we did an experiment.  Before you go to bed, visualize or look at beautiful homes.  See the rooms online.  Picture yourself there!  When you finally fall asleep, if a home is what you want, you’ll wake up with new clues.  I did.  Two of us did.  New ways to make our desires happen.  It may not happen the next day, but it will.  You’ll know when to take the job offer, leave a relationship, cash out of that deal, etc as clear as day.

Your only job is to recognize the light!  Check out this video on how it all works.

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