Getting To Happy (Again)

This is the time of year that magnifies what many people are dissatisfied with in their life.  What you may be feeling can be passing blues or something more.

As an intense Alpha, everything means more to you than to others.  The more powerful you are the more sensitive you are, too.  You easily absorb the energy of others, where the typical “normal” person can bounce it right off them.  You tend to sink into depression more easily, but you can also snap back.

Depression is like a cloud that lasts indefinitely.  It follows you around even when you are smiling you feel like you are dying inside.  Everything takes extra effort.  That call you have to make, the shower, the dinner you have to prepare, that morning train ride, that job, sleep can be hard, and so on.  You do literally feel like you have to “wind yourself up” like the commercial says.

The hardest thing to conquer with depression are the thoughts.  They are like a broken record of negativity.  They pounce on you and you play the scenes and words over and over again.  Then comes the guilt of feeling bad for yourself, but more about how you make others feel around you.  They say depression can also be what you need to step back into the light.  The darkness can be nurturing if you use the time wisely:

–Spiritual cleanses–this is usually a bath drawn by you or drawn by someone else that removes negative energy; it is taken for several days and is a popular method among many religious faiths to attract good energy and better circumstances into your life quickly.  It is NOT for everyone.  If you want to read more on this go here.

–Join a support group at

–Reading–learn about the ways to protect yourself and family and lead a healthier life; get books on spirituality, healthy eating, and stories of others who have beat depression.  Do a search on Amazon, and go with what feels right.

–Fasting–this can help you discipline your mind and body to meditate and pray more purposefully; you can fast to heal your mind, your surroundings, for 1, 3, 6 or longer days; there is a quiet sense of accomplishment upon completion that can help soothe.  Read more here.

If you are severely depressed you may not be able to manage the above, and you may need meds and therapy.  There are some people who can’t get rid of depression and it becomes a part of their new fabric.  They learn to make “peace” with it and not harm themselves or anyone else. Do what is right for you.  But never under estimate the power of your mind.  If it can bring you down, it can bring you back.

Enthusiasm is followed by disappointment and even depression, and then by renewed enthusiasm.
Murray Gell-Mann


  1. Maryann says:

    Hey Joreather, that is excellent. I want to do some kind of fast this month, and was looking at juice fasts. I am still wrestling with ending Facebook. I shall see!

  2. Joreather says:

    To combat the daily negative forces, that I can’t control nor get out of, I have a weekly hot bath exfoliating ritual. During my bath, I convince myself that I need leave the crap where I left it and to focus on the positive. I’ve done a three day juice diet, went completely natural after 15 years of getting a perm and completely cut back (or attempting to) the social networks. One thought of myself this year, would be that I focused on everyone else’s daily status/updates too much. 2010 was the year of the distractions. NEVER again.

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