Weekend Rewind: Get Your Hustle On: Part II

Get Money
Get Money

Every now and again we’re going to look at different “hustles” you can do that cost little or no money.

Take the word “hustle” lightly.  It only feels that way when you start.  But when you get in the swing of it (or get that check that can pay the back rent you owe) it becomes a business like any other.

When you hustle, you start with limited resources.  You don’t have the business plan written, the loan application approved, the rental space available, or the personal assistant to do the leg work.   It’s just you.  It’s an emergency.  You need to do something.    Usually, when you go this route it turns into a major business because you need to eat, no time for details–just results.

It should elevate you and others, and PAY.   If you have the cooking skills, creativity and decent kitchen equipment you can start your own at-home catering business. Most of the time, you can do it from home.  If you do it right, you can go from a few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand dollars a month.

I’m not going to give you the nuts and bolts here, but what I will do is tell you that like death and funeral homes, people will never stop eating.   Are there construction workers in your area?  Are there older people who live alone in your community or in your building?  No?  Then, find them.  See below:

  • You can deliver home made sandwiches or brown bag lunches for $5 a pop to construction workers everyday, more $ for hot meals.  I read somewhere that this woman did this and it spread word through her area, and she has a full fledged business now.
  • Deliver to older folks in your community.  Charge them on a meal plan basis.  Like for 5 meals a weak, you get this______ and it will cost _____.  Simple.   Older folks will sign up.  Many don’t have people who visit them, and they’ll see it as a 2 for 1 deal for home-cooked, delicious food.
  • Find your speciality.  I can make the hell out of some turkey meatballs.  So good, it can be a main dish.  I catered several events and did well just by doing the meatballs.  Are you good at another side dish?  Perhaps, mac & cheese?  People are looking to cut costs these days and they will pay for several side dishes, then several entrees.  In other words, they will pay you for 100 meatballs, than 1 meatloaf.  It can feed more people.  Best customers?  Weddings on a budget.
  • Bake.   Get that recipe from your granny or Bon Apetit magazine, bake those cookies, cake, etc., and post an ad.  But be prepared, you need the space to prepare and bake.  Baking takes more time and can be more expensive.  You can bring these specialities to your local bakery or restaurant for free.  If they like, they must buy a bulk order to continue.
  • Find children’s parties.  I cannot tell you how many children’s parties I go to and see grown up food–rice, beans, meat.  Also, kids like more than pizza.   Use your cooking skills to create unique, healthy fun bite size snacks for kid parties.  The key word is “healthy”.  Parents will pay for that and convenience.   Plus, they don’t have to get rid of 100 greasy pizza boxes, and you get paid.

After some time, if it’s something you are committed to you, use some of the funds you earned and structure your catering business for long-term success.  What does a side “hustle” mean to you?  Stay tuned for more, soon.


  1. Sarystal says:

    My new “hustle”…is Stella & Dot jewelry. So far its been fun and i’m looking forward to growing my little business:)

  2. Ms Stiletto says:

    THat’s exactly how I got started. Another idea is catering to new mothers. They are tired from caring for a new baby and most husbands just grab takeout. So if you offer them healthy meals, they will be more than thankful.

  3. Jada says:

    This makes me want to learn how to cook! THERE ARE ABOUT 100 construction workers in my neighborhood errrday! And there is NOTHIN to eat round here.

  4. Roxy Rox says:

    It really bothers me that so many people claim they are unhappy at work and they really don’t try to do more! Catering is a great idea, if I had the skills. I started my own hustle online–u should do a post about that, soon– I also got a consulting business that put my MBA to work.

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