Friends Are Your Friends Until They Become Uncomfortable

You ever noticed that?

Uncomfortable could mean that moment when  a friend is forced to look at you or their life “differently”.    Suddenly when you start experiencing happiness, or even sadness, or perhaps a personality weakness they disappear.  Or they begin to feel the rawness of the relationship that people are people and you should just let them be who they are.  I don’t expect “perfection” from any of my friends.  I like some more than others.  When I used to see friends argue and come back together, I used to wonder “what’s the point?”  Why be with a friend you have to argue with?  But like a romantic relationship, friendship experiences its own stresses.  I may be guilty about not reaching out enough when I hurt someone.

But how do I know if I did, if they don’t tell me?  That is the purest friendship–honesty, ready or not!

Do you believe that a friend is a friend until they become "uncomfortable"?

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