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By Guest Blogger, Amoye

An Alphanista’s life can be demanding.

If she isn’t on her way to work, a business meeting or some type of appointment, she’s busy arranging a conference, a tea party or a social gathering. She’s a woman on the go, and a woman on a go isn’t a woman with time to waste; or so she believes.

As we near the season of Fall, our days become shorter and the darkness of night arrives earlier. This is the time when rapists, thieves and all sorts of criminals alike strike frequently.

An Alphanista is in control of her body, her fate, and inevitably, her destiny. Although there are times when she will become so overwhelmed with her daily routine and responsibilities, she will not neglect to take careful notice of her personal well being and safety.

While an Alphanista will more than likely never be able to prevent an attack against her, there are a few things she can do to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime:

Personal and Home Security
o    When walking alone at night, always be aware of your surroundings, open your eyes and ears to sounds, rustling leaves, really quiet footsteps
o    Don’t be afraid to glance over your shoulder every so often, who cares if you look crazy!
o    Vary your traveling routine, drive or walk different routes, criminals typically observe patterns of behavior
o    Avoid distractions such as phone calls, text messages, ipods, when walking at night
o    Invest in self defense products like pepper spray, stun guns, steel batons, personal alarms and sharp objects to attach to your car keys
o    Spread possessions; keep keys separate from your credit cards. Keep cash separate from your credit cards. If you are ever robbed or you lose your wallet/purse, you’ll have solace in knowing you were able to hold onto some your  belongings
o    For home owners, investing in a home security system could make all the difference in the world when it comes to protecting your body and your property from physical harm or burglary
o    Enroll in a self-defense course, this could range from anything such as martial arts to standard security and resistance courses (see videos

Driving and Traveling Safety Tips
When approaching your vehicle:
o    Before getting in, look inside your car for anything unusual or potential intruders.
o    Already have your keys in your hand. Do not wait to get to your vehicle to start searching in your purse for keys.
o    Get into your car right away, start the ignition, drive away immediately. We women are inclined to get into cars and just sit there. Do not do this. A potential predator could be eying your every move waiting for the right opportunity to attack you.

•    Carry pepper spray or some type of resistance mechanism at all times
•    Carry your cell phone with you, also have a phone charger in your car
•    If you utilize public transit, have a travel partner, memorize your routes, be familiar with your bus drivers
•    If you are going out of town or are not going to be at work, let someone you trust know
•    Do your activities during the daylight, if you absolutely MUST go out into the night, call a friend to meet you
•    Be friendly, but also leery of random people (especially men) asking you for/offering help
•    Do not hitchhike or give your personal information out to strangers.
•    Pay attention to the radio, signs, posters, news, newspapers that advertise criminal behavior in your area

Just because you are an alpha female, doesn’t mean you are immune to danger. You are just as human as the next woman, so remember anything could happen to you too, just be at an advantage knowing you are prepared!

Guest Blogger Amoye is a writer and thinker from Toronto Canada. She doesn’t care too much for fancy titles, but is also a recent university graduate, artist and entrepreneur.


  1. Amoye says:

    Missing_Pieces, I really appreciate everything you wrote. I think you should write a follow up article to this. I am taking some notes and going to try to follow some of the things you wrote.

  2. missing_pieces says:

    This is extremely helpful. I just went to a seminar about sexual assault/ date rape @ my alumni school. Violence/sexual assault against women is under-reported and very real in our communities.

    I’m not trying to go into a whole lecture here but I am passionate about getting the word out, especially to young, maybe inexperienced women living in their own apt. or on college/ university campuses.

    Female college students are seen as ripe for the picking to sexual predators,rapists and abductors right on their own campuses. Don’t expect some security guard who gets paid $8.25/hr to be so quick to run to your aid, they have protocol they have to follow too and could get the school sued by the perpetrator for trying to defend you- even if he/she isn’t a student on campus; Anybody can walk on campuses because security doesn’t check I.D.s frequently (state colleges/universities are notorious for this)! Worse than that, a lot of them don’t even carry guns- they are not cops, just their to patrol the campus grounds.

    This also goes for women who work in corporate offices/buildings at night. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security because some guy in a uniform is standing guard at the front desk asking for I.D’s, a predator has many ways, guises and information thanks to the internet to stalk his prey. They can find work addresses/location for some corporations because they put it right on the companies websites- just saying if you are working for example, a fortune 100 company- they might have your info, like name title listed in the company’s directory.

    “Be friendly, but also leery of random people (especially men) asking you for/offering help”

    Excellent point! But I’d like to add is for women to stop being so overly nice all the time, we don’t have to oblige every person on the street ( you know, be courteous and polite just because we are taught to be “lady like). You don’t have to take crap from nasty, overly aggressive or even sometimes passive aggressive men trying to bend your will. I’m not saying you have to act like a bitch but honestly, being a bitch (or an assertive woman setting boundaries) can save your life.

    I have heard too many women saying stuff like “the guy was making too strong of sexual advances towards me from the beginning and I didn’t want to seem rude so I didn’t say anything to him.” Or, ” I felt uncomfortable around him but I was trying to be nice and just went along with the date anyway.” You think that statement would be idiotic but when I heard this woman say it in a sexual assault victim’s video I watched, I was floored! We need to stop worrying about being liked by every Tom, Dick and Carl and protect ourselves. It’s your body, life and peace of mind at stake here, none of these God-given rights should be taken away by some creep because you were being too obliging for the wrong guy.

    I know we don’t want to be seen as overly aggressive women who emasculate men with just a glance. All I am saying is I know there are some women who have problems with assertiveness because they want to be seen as “nice.” Eff “nice,” and if you feel that man is intentionally invading your personal space and violating your boundaries (not taking no for an answer) let him know you are not that bish to fcuk with and RUN!!! Get the hell away from him before it escalates to a sexual assault situation.

    I agree with Ms. Stiletto 100%, human instinct is our best friend, when we are in fight-or flight response, we have just as much or more adrenaline than any mammal. Women are conditioned to bury this instinct in order to be deemed socially acceptable/people pleasing in Western Society; call it the residue of social norms/mores of our Puritanical and sexually Victorian culture. We need to forget about this ish and kick, scream, bite, scratch and shoot if need be to protect ourselves and to escape from assailants ASAP!

    All of the above information in this post was on point- but I think some women need to get out of their shell and learn assertiveness skills so they won’t be paralyzed by fear and therefore potentially abused/killed by a predator.

    Not trying to make anybody paranoid, just being real and sharing what I’ve learned.

  3. Nijha says:

    Very Good Points. To keep myself safe I always have my Phone with me and Charged, Never Give out Personal information including my number to Strangers, leave lights or music on in my Home so it appears that someone is home, I inform my Sister of my whereabouts at all times and I weight train as well as self defense train in order to be a match to any potential attacker.

  4. Jodie says:

    This is so timely especially what happened with that Yale student. I recently shot a Gloc (AT THE RANGE!) and that thing scared the lights out of me. But if I ever had to, I’d be prepared. Peep the second video something we hardly think about!

  5. Maryann says:

    These are all solid tips, I also suggest women take at least one shooting class at the local gun range…I also adhere to talking to myself when it is late and creepy, crazy people are less approachable…lol…with bluetooth one never really knows…

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