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Sole Mates: The Alphanista Bride-To-Be

Alexander McQueen Sculpted Leather Wedge Sandals $3495

by Black Wood

Part of the Alexander McQueen (RIP) high-summer collection, these cream leather, sculpted leaf wedge sandals will prompt the musicians at your wedding to play “here comes the bride…and her shoes”.

These babies come with a 6 inch wedge and a 1.5 inch platform to help keep you beautiful, yet, balanced as you two-step down the aisle to your future.

The Where…..
Fit for a queen, these wedges should be worn during your ceremony, regardless if your getting married in a church, your beachfront property or City Hall (in Paris, France that is).

The Why…..
As the bride you want all eyes on you. I mean, it is your wedding and your guests need to see these shoes from every possible angle since The Smithsonian has already reserved exhibit space for them.

The How….
Wear these heavenly beauties with a knee-length dress, add a bit of style and grace, with just a pinch of Alphanista attitude because your husband-to-be is going to want to see you in them again later on that night…wink-wink.

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  • Alicia Jai

    Haute Diggity Damn Diggity ooh what you do to me!!

  • Danyel


  • Maryann

    These are perfect for a wedding, dress has to be simple tho.

  • Deja

    hot like buttered toast 🙂

  • ChiLawyerGirl

    These shoes for a wedding what a great idea! The dress can not be too long to cover the beauty of this kind of candy. I would rock these at a summer outdoor cocktail party too.

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