For My Sisters In the Struggle

By Te-Erika Patterson

It is okay to be who you are and where you are in this moment.

I know you’ve been dreaming of MORE and fighting for MORE nearly all of your life. You deserve it. You will have it. But the truth is, it is not time for you to be there at this point in your life journey. You can taste it, you can feel it, but it seems to be out of your reach right now and that is okay too.

Every absence in your life leads you to recognize the next step in your journey. The absence dictates what will come next. You never stop dreaming. You never stop building. You are never finished. If you allow the missing links to dictate your happiness then you will never be happy, there will always be more to do, become or conquer. You have to understand that it is your desire to control the when’s and how’s of life that have you in this miserable state.

Inside you’re probably screaming, “WHY ISN’T IT HERE YET? I’ve been pulling and pushing and praying and giving to the needy. I’ve done my part, where is my stuff?!”

Your “stuff” is on the way. Now that that’s settled, let me teach you about how attachment and detachment affect our lives.

A good way to determine your level of attachment is to write down the top 3 things you are hoping for. Then ask yourself, “If each of these things did not come true, how satisfied could I be with my life?” Rate each hope on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being completely satisfied and 5 being completely dissatisfied.

What were your scores? Did you become distressed when confronted by the mere idea that you may not have what you want? That is attachment. When we are attached to our blessing coming from a particular avenue we become obsessed with that avenue and block being able to recognize the multitude of ways in which we may receive the desires of our hearts. It’s about control. We want our dreams to manifest in a specific way, they way WE decide and nothing else. We have no trust in the brilliant creativity of the Universe to bring our dreams to fruition in the most magical ways.

The most effective way to release the pressure of life is to practice detachment. You want this thing- you KNOW It will be good for you, but do you really NEED IT to happen in the way that you want in order for you to be happy? You do not.

Relax. Detach. The Universe is smarter than you are and more imaginative than you are and wants to give you what you need in the most spectacular ways but it can not be delivered if you are forcing it to happen one particular way.

Trust. Relax. Everything you need is on your pathway. Your greatest life awaits, but it comes in happy surprises under grace in perfect ways.

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  1. ebonniec says:

    Great post Te-Erika! I am learning how to detach and love the Laws of Attraction, they are nothing but the truth!

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